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Swordfish is an aquarium fish that belongs to the family Peciliaceae. In natural conditions, it is found in mountainous fast-flowing rivers, and in calm lakes, ponds, swamps of Central American countries of the Atlantic coast. According to experts, the swordtail is interesting because in European aquariums these fish are much more numerous than in their homeland, where it is currently a rare species.

Swordfish description

Swordfish are quite beautiful and can become a bright addition to any aquarium. Nature endowed them with an original appearance. The size of the male (without sword) 7-8 cm, the female – 10-12 cm. The male is distinguished from the female by the presence of an elongated lower ray on the caudal fin, resembling a sword. This characteristic feature was used in their name – swordfish.

In nature, swordtails are greenish in color, with several longitudinal stripes of varying width along the body. The sword of the male with dark edging of different shades: yellow-orange, green or red. The coloration of the female is calm, pale tones. Swordfish live 3-5 years.

Swordfish – conditions

Aquarium for these mobile, gregarious fish need a long, spacious, better from 50l. water – for one pair of fish, the water level to 30cm. In the aquarium should be shaded areas of vallisneria, elodea, kabomba, richchiya, where the fish could hide, and in the front and middle part of enough free space for swimming. Swordfish are very mobile and can jump out of the water, the presence of a cover at the aquarium or glass will not be superfluous.

Optimal conditions for the life of swordfish are as follows: water temperature 20-26 degrees, hardness 8-24, acidity 7-8, weekly replacement of part of the water, 30% of the volume of the aquarium, 1-2 degrees above the aquarium water, it is desirable to have filtration and aeration. Parameters should be stable, without sharp fluctuations.


Swordtails eat daphnia, cyclops, moths, pipefish, as well as plant and frozen food. If only swordtails live in the aquarium, the food left after a 5-minute feeding should be removed, as it will pollute the water if it falls to the bottom.


Swordfish – fish with a peaceful character, in the aquarium can neighbor with other fish of the same temperament and size. But slow-moving and small fish can slightly bully.


The swordfish is a viviparous fish. In the flocks should adhere to the ratio of females and males 3:1. Then the strong males will not slaughter the weaker ones. Sexual maturity from 6-8 months. Fertilization – internal, intrauterine development from 2-3 weeks and more, depending on feeding and the condition of the female. It is easy to recognize a female ready to give birth by its large abdomen and dark spot. Childbirth takes place in the morning. The fry are well formed. Immediately after birth, they instantly hide in floating thickets, so the percentage of their survival is very high. The female can not be removed, if the food in the aquarium for her will be enough. The number of fry from 20 to 50, and in large individuals from 100 and more.

In aquarium conditions, it is easy to get hybrids from swordfish, for this purpose, fry should be grown together, the fish are mastered among themselves, and this brings crossbreeding closer.

More than 30 ornamental varieties of swordfish are known: red, black, chintz, tiger and others.

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