Red-tailed Xenotoka

xenotoca eiseni

Xenotoka red-tailed is found in amateur aquarists is not very often. This is associated with weakness to the fins of neighbors in the aquarium. But despite this oddity, this viviparous fish still deserves the attention of aquarists. Inhabits mainly lowland lakes and large tributaries of rivers in Mexico.

In the wild, it reaches a size of about 9 centimeters. Behind the glass of the aquarium its size rarely exceeds 7 centimeters. The basic coloration of the body is olive-brown-green. Thick pre-tail passes into a rounded caudal fin colored at the base in red. Whence the actual name. Male and female can be distinguished by the anal fin. In the male, its first four rays form a characteristic for viviparous gonopodium. Sexual maturation is reached at the age of three and a half months. Life expectancy is about three years.

Xenotoka redtail content

To keep a flock of ten individuals is ideal for an aquarium of about a hundred liters. As the ground can be used river sand, small gravel, small pebbles. Too densely plant the aquarium with plants should not be. Since Xenotoka red-tailed likes to swim fast. She needs a place to disperse. Of plants can be used widespread in our species such as vallisneria, elodea, cattail.

Температура воды должна поддерживаться на уровне 23-25 градусов Цельсия. pH – около 7. Общая жесткость в пределах 10 -15 немецких градусов. Ксенотока краснохвостая очень вынослива к недостатку растворенного в воде кислорода.

Therefore, it is highly desirable to equip the aquarium in which contain these fish additional aeration. Also badly affect its well-being accumulated over time in the water nitrogenous bases. Therefore, once a week, be sure to replace one-third of the water freshly tempered.

Feed can be any food of animal origin, both live and dried. It is only necessary to follow the basic recommendations for feeding aquarium fish.

Red-tailed Xenotoka breeding

Reproduction of the Red-tailed Xenotoka does not differ from most livebearers. Pregnancy lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. Of the peculiarities can be called the need for fertilization for each new pregnancy. As well as the fact that the embryos are connected to the mother’s body with a kind of umbilical cord through which their intrauterine nutrition and respiration occurs.

A few days before delivery, the female should be removed to a separate container prepared in advance. If this is not done, all offspring will be instantly eaten by congeners. Fry are born quite mature. the size of their birth is large. Fry can reach a length of up to 1.6 millimeters. For the first 48 hours they can be observed hanging from the abdomen of the ropes – the remnants of the umbilical cord. Probably because of this additional weight, the fry are slightly inclined after birth. After about two days, the remnants of the umbilical cord disappear, and the fry take a horizontal position. Immediately after delivery, the female should be removed. The usual number of fry in a brood is about fifty.

Feed the fry immediately after birth can be small daphnia or cyclops.

As the fry grow, they are switched to larger types of food.

As already indicated Xenotoka redtail likes to bite the fins of neighbors in the aquarium. And irritate their fins not only in other species, but also in fish of their own species. Despite this unpleasant feature of behavior xenotoka redtail can bring you many pleasant minutes of observation of underwater life in the aquarium.

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