Cryptocorina balance

криптокорина балансе

The Cryptocorina balance plant belongs to the genus Cryptocoryne. It has a reputation as a somewhat capricious and delicate child, requiring constant attention and care. But knowing a few small peculiarities of its physiology you can minimize the work of caring for it.

In particular, you should learn to control the pH of the medium. In addition, you will need to ensure a few more simple conditions. Then your aquarium plants Cryptocoryne balance will please you with their lush emerald green. Your aquarium will never again look like a lifeless desert with camel thorns in the form of artificial plastic sculptures of representatives of flora. It will be alive in the full sense of the word. So…

biological domainEukaryotes
biological kingdomPlants
Biological DivisionFlowering
biological classAnnuals
biological orderPassionflowers
biological FamilyAroids
biological genusCryptocoryne
biological speciesCryptocorina Balense

Latin: Cryptocoryne balansae, Cryptocoryne crispatula;

Habitat.: Widespread in flowing water bodies of islands of southeast Asia. The speed of water flow is not essential. Occurs in water bodies with both slow and fast currents. More common in coastal areas.

Cryptocorina balance description

Cryptocoryne balansae has a more or less horizontally arranged rhizome with a rosette of long narrow leaves on short petioles. The width of the bush can reach fifteen to twenty centimeters. The height is forty to sixty centimeters.

хорошо смотрится криптокорина балансе на заднем плане

Leaves are narrow, strongly corrugated, with transverse striation. As most of the other representatives of this genus can have a very different coloration of the leaf lamina. In the natural environment prefers soft water, but in the aquarium feels well with medium hardness. Does not tolerate low acidity.

All species of this genus are very variable, both in shape, leaf size and their coloration. Often the species to which a particular specimen belongs can be determined only by the flower or after a long observation of your pet. The flower consists of a chamber that contains the inflorescence, a tube, a petal and a covering.

Cryptocorina balance in the aquarium

For maintenance in aquarium conditions, this species is not the most difficult. It is only necessary to take care of the nutritiousness of the soil, its heating, normal height of the vessel and sufficient lighting. If the conditions described below are met, it grows uniformly all year round.

Aquarium volume

The aquarium should be high. Under good conditions it can grow to a height of sixty centimeters. In order for it to decorate your pond and be seen in all its glory it is necessary to provide it with enough space for this.

криптокорина балансе дополнит и украсит любой пейзаж
криптокорина балансе дополнит и украсит любой пейзаж


Cryptocorina balance, like other members of the genus, is very demanding to the nutrient content of the substrate and its structure. The soil can be a mixture of sand and small pebbles with the addition of clay, charcoal, dried peat (carefully, it can increase acidity). The layer of soil should be at least 5 centimeters, since the rhizome is quite massive. Nutrients (clay, peat, charcoal) can be placed at the bottom of the hole before planting Cryptocoryne balansae. It should not be forgotten that cold substrate strongly inhibits the growth of Cryptocoryne crispatula. Therefore, the aquarium with these representatives of flora should have or bottom heater, located in the thickness of the ground or filter pulling water through the ground. The warm water passing through the ground heats it.

Water parameters

The natural distribution of the species is Southeast Asia, so Cryptocoryne crispatula needs sufficient heat. The optimal temperature range is 22-28°C. Water hardness should be soft or medium hardness. Keep in mind that the softer the water, the harder it is for this herb to tolerate a decrease in pH. Do not lower the hardness too much. It is better to keep it at the level of 7 – 15 °dH. It is necessary to carefully monitor the acidity of the medium. Increased acidity can lead to the dissolution of the entire green mass literally overnight. This phenomenon is known as “Krptocorin disease”. The reaction of the medium should be neutral pH 7. Once a week you should add fresh, tempered water instead of evaporated water with the same hardness, reaction and the same temperature as the aquarium water.


Likes bright but diffused lighting. Total power of 0.5 W/l provided by fluorescent lamps. The duration of the daylight hours is about 12 hours.


During the night hours, it can accumulate carbon dioxide, which will shift the pH downward. Therefore, if your pond is overpopulated or stocked to its limits, additional artificial aeration should be provided.


It is better to install a bottom filter pulling water through the ground. In this way, you will also achieve heating of the ground by pulling water through it, which will be beneficial for the roots of Cryptocoryne crispatula.


Cryptocoryne balance, as well as other species of this genus is nutritionally demanding. At least a piece of clay should be added to the bottom of the hole before planting. Fertilization is the same as for criptocoryne aponogetifolia. They can only be given when the growth is uniform and stable.

Обитатели аквариума на фоне криптокорины балансе смотрятся очень эффектно
Обитатели аквариума на фоне криптокорины балансе смотрятся очень эффектно

Cryptocorina balance Breeding

Propagation in artificial conditions, as well as other species of this genus is possible only vegetatively. Rootstocks, which can be transplanted to a new place when they form five leaflets. Remember, Cryptocoryne balance does not like frequent transplants, so try to choose the most suitable place for it right away.

Cryptocoryne in general is not the easiest plant to keep. The variety described here is no exception. But if you create her normal conditions for existence described above, the plant Cryptocoryne balance will respond to your efforts with gratitude and decorate your aquarium, giving it a unique original and very beautiful look. Aquarium plants Cryptocoryne balanse can be a decoration of any tropical aquarium. The wonderful look that your indoor pond will acquire is worth the effort you will have to put in to create optimal conditions for Cryptocoryne balansae.

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