Goldfish Water Eyes

Водяные глазки

Aquarium goldfish water eyes became known to European aquarists only in the middle of the last century. This varietate to this day remains a rarity. This is due to its rather high price, as well as more than exotic unusual species, and most importantly, it is relatively difficult to keep.

The complexity of this is determined primarily by the need to equip for her species aquarium. Water Eyes is not desirable to sit together even with other breeds of goldfish. And all because of its main decoration – thin-walled bubbles under the eyes filled with liquid. Very much these bubbles are delicate. Also varietate is somewhat more demanding to the constancy of the environment. As you can see, the fish is not for beginners and not even for every professional. Rather for a very big amateur. Maybe you are just such an amateur? Or going to become one? Read the article…

Goldfish Water Eyes Description

The breed is short-bodied. It has an ovoid shape. The head from the top smoothly transitions to the back, without any curves. Can reach a length of 15 – 18 centimeters. The dorsal fin is absent, which may be an indirect sign of close relationship with ranchu. The other fins are paired. That gives the fish an interesting look. The caudal fin does not hang down, and should have rounded ends. Обычная длина хвоста составляет от ¾ до 4/5 длины тела.

водяные глазки
Основное украшение пузыри под глазами заполненные лимфой

The main distinguishing feature of this breed is thin-skinned bags under the eyes filled with lymph. In the most valuable specimens these bags can reach the size of one quarter of the body size. There are more, but they are much rarer. Eyes are absolutely normal, not changed. They are somewhat pushed upwards by the sac, which gives a resemblance to a stargazer. But in this breed they look more forward. Nevertheless, the main ornament of this varietal very much limits the view especially from below. Life expectancy under good housing conditions is about twelve years. Sexual maturity occurs in one-year-old fish. Bubbles begin to develop in fry after four months of life.

Goldfish Waterfowl Differences between the sexes

The first ray of the pelvic fins of the male has serrations, and the gill covers have small outgrowths resembling semolina. The female has a more rounded abdomen because it is filled with eggs. These differences are most clearly visible after sexual maturation, and especially before spawning.

водяные глазки
в китайской традиции – любоваться золотыми рыбками сверху

Goldfish Water Eyes Aquarium Keeping in an aquarium

Containment is relatively complex. The difficulty lies in the need to create conditions to protect the bubbles from damage. Although most authors indicate that a damaged bubble under good conditions recovers in one month, it is still better to take precautions that will keep these vulnerable accessories from damage.

Vessel volume

Adults are large. Therefore, their content requires a spacious vessel with a volume of one hundred liters per pair of fish. With an increase in volume, you can increase the number of fish. So with a volume of one hundred and fifty liters of the jar can be populated with four adults.

водяные глазки
очень красивы черный окрас и окрас “панда”


For this varietal, only coarse river sand can be recommended for the soil. Sometimes it is possible to use not large well-cut pebbles. There should be no stones with sharp edges or snags covered with sharp knots.

Goldfish Water Eyes and Plants

Plants should also have soft leaves not able to hurt the delicate skin of bags under the eyes of this varietal. You can use spiral valisneria, herringbone pistole, Canadian elodea.

Water parameters

Aquarium Goldfish Water Eyes Aquarium goldfish are somewhat more heat-loving than other breeds, but all of the

Equally, initially it is a cold-water species, so increased temperature is tolerated with difficulty. Optimal values from 16 to 22 ° C. To the content of salts in the water do not have special requirements. Hardness can withstand from 8 to 20 °dH. pH 6.5 – 8.


Better Water Eyes will look at the bright light, it is desirable that the reservoir at least a few hours during the day hit the sunlight.

Aeration, Filtration

Aeration and filtration in the tank to keep these fish is necessary. Animals are large. They consume a lot of oxygen. Eat a lot and as a consequence release a lot of waste products. At the same time like clean, clear, oxygenated water. And if the aquarium is overpopulated, then additional artificial aeration should work around the clock. Also in this case should be equipped with a biological filter.

Goldfish Water Eyes Compatibility

It is better to keep this breed separately from other fish. They are absolutely harmless, but because of their decorations are very clumsy, so they can suffer even from harmless representatives of the genus danio or barbs. So if you want to get such an unusual pet as water eyes, then you need to take into account that it is impossible to keep it in a common aquarium.

водяные глазки
ситцевый окрас тоже очень хорошо смотрится

Goldfish Water Eyes Waterfowl Feeding

Waterfowl are not fastidious in their choice of food. They like live food, such as moths, trumpet fish. Will pick up with pleasure chopped meat. They need plant food. Chopped scalded scalded boiled leaves of lettuce, spinach, cabbage quite satisfy their needs. A little less willingly they eat dry food, but in the absence of other food will not neglect them. It is necessary to take into account the anatomical features of your pets, it is difficult for them to inspect the bottom. Therefore, it is desirable to give food through the feeder, so that it would not immediately fall to the bottom.

Goldfish Water Eyes Breeding

Breeding is not much different from other varietals. As a rule, two males for one female are planted for spawning. Two weeks before the expected spawning, they are planted in different vessels and abundantly fed live feed. For spawning is suitable for a bank of about one hundred liters. Better oblong. Spawning can occur with a smaller vessel volume, but then it will be difficult to care for a large number of fry.

Aquarium goldfish are quite prolific and for one spawning can throw up to 3000 eggs. And varietate water eyes according to some data is capable of one spawning to throw out up to 10000 eggs. Therefore, spawning is better to pick up immediately spacious. The soil – river sand, laid with a slope to one of the side or to the rear glass. It is desirable to cover the bottom with fine-leaved grasses. Along the rear window arrange a thicket of plants. Water should be fresh and tempered for two to three days. It is desirable to make its level about 25 centimeters.

In the corners of the aquarium put two atomizers from the compressor. Be sure to equip the spawning aquarium heater with thermostat. Sharp temperature fluctuations are poorly tolerated even by adults. Eggs can die at fluctuations in ambient temperature with a range of only about five degrees. Prepared in this way spawning ground is populated in the evening by producers and set the temperature of 24-26 ° C. Overnight, the water will warm up. In the morning, the race will begin. It lasts for several hours.

Goldfish Water Eyes Waterfowl Fry Care

After spawning is complete, the producers should be removed. After about five days, the fry hatched from the eggs will swim. Starting food for them live dust. As the fry grow, they should be transferred to larger food, as well as sorted by size.

Aquarium goldfish Water Eyes are a breed for the experienced hobbyist. It is quite difficult to keep, as well as it can not be kept with other species. But if you do everything right, your aquarium will be decorated with unusual creatures, which may not have none of your friends.

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