Echinodorus amazonianus

Эхинодорус амазонский

Echinodorus amazonianus is a very beautiful, widespread plant among aquarists around the world. Its popularity is promoted not only by its luxurious appearance, but also by the fact that Echinodorus amazonianus is very unpretentious and undemanding to the conditions of maintenance. Therefore, it can decorate a room pond even a novice amateur.

DivisionCovered seeds
speciesEchinodorus grisebachii

Latin name: Echinodorus grisebachii

Habitat.: Echinodorus amazonianus is distributed throughout South America in the waters of the Amazon River and its tributaries.

Echinodorus amazonianus Description

Beautiful underwater plant is represented by a bush with a strongly shortened stem. Leaves, planted on short petioles, come straight from the rhizome. The leaf plates are up to 35 centimeters long and about four centimeters wide. The color is emerald green in good light. Well tolerates shade and relatively low temperatures. Does not rise above the surface. Has a well-developed rhizome. The growth rate does not fluctuate seasonally.

Эхинодорус амазонский
Echinodorus grisebachii

Echinodorus amazonianus Contents

This species is easy to keep, so it can be recommended for beginners. It only needs a regular (about once a week) change of one fifth of the water.

Aquarium volume

Because of its size it is a good decoration for large aquariums. Can be kept also in small vessels, but then its leaves will flock on the surface of the water. The desirable height of the vessel from forty centimeters.


It is not demanding to the soil. Ordinary gray river sand of medium siltation will do. The only requirement for the substrate is its thickness, which should be at least five to seven centimeters. Only then will the powerful rhizome feel comfortable.

Water parameters

It can withstand a temperature drop to fifteen degrees for quite a long time. However, its growth slows down at this temperature. The optimal temperature can be considered 20 – 24 ° C.. That is, this species can be planted as a cold-water freshwater aquarium, and in the tropical. The hardness is preferable medium from 8 to 15 °dH. If the water hardness is insufficient, the plant may suffer from mineral deficiencies. The acidity should be close to neutral pH 7. Although Echinodorus amazonianus can withstand significant fluctuations in the reaction of the environment, both acidic and alkaline.


The species is relatively shade tolerant and can grow for a long time under insufficient light, although its growth will slow down and its leaves will turn brown. Lighting should be provided by fluorescent daylight lamps LB. The total power of about 0.5 W / l. Sometimes, if the vessel stands at the side wall not far from the window you can do without artificial lighting at all. The duration of the light day should be twelve hours.

Эхинодорус амазонский
Echinodorus grisebachii


Additional feeding is not necessary. The plant is quite sufficient nutrients that come into the aquarium with fish food and weekly water changes. Echinodorus amazonianus takes a very active part in the water cycle and helps to clean the water from the waste products of other aquarium inhabitants.

Echinodorus amazonianus Breeding

In aquarium conditions, breeding is practically only vegetative. The plant forms peduncles, on which young plants are formed. After the formation of a rosette of several leaflets and a root system, they can be separated from the mother plant and planted in the ground in a permanent place.

Echinodorus amazonianus will not take much time and effort, but will decorate your aquarium, giving it the flavor of a tropical body of water.

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