Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red

перистолистник красный

Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red is a very beautiful representative of the underwater flora. But because of the high requirements for the content of amateurs is quite rare. More suitable for the Dutch aquarium. However, to be fair, it should be noted that in a regular aquarium can also develop well. If you know the conditions in which he feels best, you can grow very beautiful specimens. Like any living creature, it will respond to your care for him and blossom with its needle-like branches and will delight your eyes with an almost fantastic picture of the underwater world.

Latin name: Мyriophyllum mattogrossense (red), Myriophyllum tubercullatum

Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red Habitat

Rarely found in nature. It grows in India, Pakistan and South-East Asia. In particular, it was first discovered in the state of Matto Grosso. The species owes its name to it. Small populations are also found in Ecuador and Peru.

перистолистник красный
перистолистник красный

Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red description

Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red is a long-stemmed but not tall plant. The stem is rather wide and not very strong. Its length is 40-60 cm. The arrangement of leaves is uniform along the entire length of the stem.Usually five to seven in a whorl. The leaf is up to five centimeters long. Very pinnately dissected and as if the whole consists of coniferous needles. For what it is sometimes called herringbone. Despite its name, the red color in the coloring is manifested only under ideal conditions of maintenance. More often it has a green color and somewhat brownish at the ends of twigs. The root is delicate and lobe-shaped. More often peristolistnik exists in the form of an underwater form. But there are indications that peristolistnik is capable of forming above-water leaves. However, I have never seen such a thing.

Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red Aquarium maintenance

To the conditions of maintenance pistolistnik red is very demanding. It needs bright light. Need clean water. Feeding with fertilizers and CO2 is desirable.

лист перистолистника красного
лист перистолистника красного

Aquarium volume

A low aquarium is needed for good growth. The best option is about thirty centimeters. This is due to the high light requirements. With a greater height of the water column, the light will poorly illuminate the lower tiers and the leaves in the lower whorls will begin to die off. For the same reason, plants should not be planted too thickly so that they do not shade each other. Lighting should be at least 0.5W / l. Illumination should be fluorescent lamps. Preferably with a predominance of the red component. Such characteristics have lamps from the Flora Fillips series. Here it is necessary to make a small philosophical J digression.

Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red loves bright light, and we start to shine it with a spotlight. And under the spotlight algae develop very well and gladly fatten the leaves of the Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red, which he does not like because it worsens its illumination. Increasing further the intensity of light, we accelerate the growth of algae and thus fall into an enchanted circle. The conclusion – before installing over the aquarium DNAT look at your pet. Maybe you need to take measures to clean it of algae.


The soil should be shallow, with medium siltation. Coarse river sand is suitable as soil. It should not be changed or washed too often. Sludge – the result of the life activity of other inhabitants of the water body is a good nutrient medium.

пейзаж с перистолистником красным
пейзаж с перистолистником красным

Water parameters

The water temperature should be between 20 and 26°C. The hardness can handle up to 25°dH, but it is better to have it between 5 and 15°dH. pH 6.5 to 7.2. Water should be freshly tempered clean water. Can not tolerate mutiny. It settling on its thin leaves worsens photosynthesis conditions for which in artificial conditions and so not the best. Consequently, you need a filter that would filter the water at least from suspended particles. It is desirable increased content of CO2, which in turn makes it necessary to arrange a CO2 generator. Although it can grow without carbon dioxide purging.


It is very nutritionally demanding. In particular, with a lack of iron, you will never get a bright red color from it. For which, in fact, it is so valued. In stores zootovarovarovarov today can buy special fertilizers containing iron and a number of other trace elements necessary for proper growth and luxurious look underwater higher plants. Well, if you distrust the products of the chemical industry or they seem too expensive or you live a few tens of kilometers from the nearest pet store, then try to put a small piece of clay under the bush for now. In most cases, this simple technique can prevent starvation of even the most nutritionally demanding plants.

перистолистник красный выделяется на общем фоне
перистолистник красный выделяется на общем фоне

Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red Breeding

Propagation by means of seeds is rare even in nature. Therefore, it is better to reproduce it vegetatively. For this, side twigs – offshoots, which he forms in abundance, are suitable. Or you can also tear off from above a sprout consisting of several whorls. Before planting in the ground, it is desirable to give these offshoots to float freely in the water column for about two weeks. This is especially important when planting in a new aquarium. During this period, the plant is acclimatized to the new conditions of existence and when planted in the ground rooting will be higher. After two weeks of free floating it can be planted in the ground by placing a piece of clay in the hole.

The Мyriophyllum mattogrossense red is a capricious and demanding creature. I confess to you – it is not always clear to me what it wants from me. And although I manage not to lose plants, as it was at the beginning of acquaintance with them, but to achieve a bright red coloring is still not always possible. If you have enough experience in keeping this amazing representative of the underwater world – comment on the article or contact me, and I will supplement the article with your knowledge with your permission.

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