Vallisneria spiralis

Валлиснерия спиральная

Vallisneria spiralis is quite widespread in the south of Europe. It forms huge thickets at the mouth of the Dnieper, Bug and other rivers.

Latin: Vallisneria spiralis

It is one of the best plants for the aquarium. It decorates the aquarium all year round with its long, narrow, emerald leaves, which are rosette-like from the ground. Vallisneria is a rather large plant. In nature, its leaves reach a length of 60 – 70 centimeters. In the aquarium as a rule a little less. But still often its leaves run down the surface of the water. When decorating the aquarium wallisneria it is better to plant it at the back wall of the aquarium and in the rear corners.

Growing quickly, it creates a magnificent background – impenetrable underwater thickets. Reproduces Wallisneria with underground shoots resembling strawberry whiskers. Under good conditions vallisneria per year is able to form up to fifty new bushes. Periodically its thickets have to thin out as, growing, it can take up all the space of the aquarium. Blooms small white flowers. In aquarium conditions, flowering is rare.

In addition to its wonderful decorative properties, spiral wallisneria is excellent at purifying water from harmful substances such as ammonium nitrogen, nitrates, nitrites and phosphates. And saturates the water with oxygen.

This plant is not very demanding to the conditions of maintenance. Recommended temperature 15-28 ° C. Water reaction from 6 to 9. Hardness from 5 to 15 °. Illumination is recommended 0.5 – 0.7 W / l.

As you can see, this plant is quite suitable for the general aquarium of the novice aquarist.

You can plant spiral Wallisneria spiralis directly into the soil, the thickness of which should be 5 – 8 centimeters. It is better to use coarse gray river sand as a soil.

When the established biological balance in the aquarium Wallisneria spiral in the additional feeding, as a rule, does not need additional feedings.

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