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A round aquarium is a very spectacular thing. Like any object made by human hands, it has its advantages and its disadvantages. People of the older generation probably have a lot of warm memories of this miracle, which is now for some reason undeservedly forgotten.

Moreover, if someone tries to remember, then on him from the Internet through the monitor screen will pour out a bucket of cold, muddy water structured information about the harm of the spherical shape for all life on planet Earth.

The balloon in your living room has a particularly damaging effect on the plumage of Antarctica’s penguins. Consider this! Stop killing defenseless penguins! It’s not their fault you like round aquariums. Every round aquarium purchased in our hemisphere kills a quarter of a penguin. Your conscience is responsible!

Please forgive my sarcasm. But some statements by advertising sites can cause something of an aggressive affect. After all, advertising can work both to attract the customer and to repel him from

of any product. Advertisers know this well and use it. Who prevented the round shape of the indoor water reservoir, we can only guess.

But nevertheless maybe what some authors write has a share of truth? Or someone from the owners of sites for aquarists unsuccessfully joked a few years ago for the first of April? And the rest of us just thoughtlessly reprinted it.

Or is it a kind of marketing move to promote the site, which again published “shocking” information about a well-known “seemingly” harmless thing? Let’s try to figure it out.

The seven main reasons most often cited are why you shouldn’t buy a balloon lake. Let’s break them down one by one. If I have missed something, I will add to the article later.

So, reason one: It’s hard to pick equipment.

kruglij aquarium
Круглый аквариум не укомплектованный оборудованием

My opinion: Yes industry in general and Chinese in particular produces filters, heaters, illuminators mainly for rectangular aquariums. And the modern aquarist with great difficulty represents itself without technical means, which are stuffed with his room lakes. To create a model of a body of water that successfully copes with the processes of self-regulation without the help of technical means, we have almost all learned. And we are also lazy – we are either too lazy to do anything with our own hands, or we have no time, and sometimes elementary knowledge is a deficit.

Reason two: Uncomfortable maintenance. The walls of the balloon quickly become overgrown with algae, and it is inconvenient to clean them.

My opinion: Yes it is partly true. But algae overgrows the walls quickly, not because of the shape of the vessel, but as a consequence of a disturbance of the biological equilibrium. To be fair, if this happens, the inner wall is indeed sometimes difficult to clean off with standard scrapers. Well, I should also add here that the outer part of the ball, facing upwards, gets covered with dust very quickly, which has to be wiped off all the time. It’s so tiresome… How could the author of Seven Perils forget about dust?

Существуют модели изначально полностью укомплектованные

Reason Three: A round aquarium has a curvature in the wall that creates a severe distortion that makes it impossible to see the fish as they are.

My opinion: If the author of the above lines is sure that he is right, then most likely he has never seen a round aquarium with live fish. Of course there are distortions. Moreover, the smaller the volume of the tank, the greater the curvature of the wall, the greater the distortion. But, as a rule, containers of twenty liters and more are deprived of this disadvantage. More precisely at the wall nearest to the observer objects are practically not distorted. In addition, sometimes distortion can even enhance the decorative effect. Objects near the far wall form a kind of surrealistic background.

Шарообразная форма шлема просто убивает астронавта

Reason Four: The spherical shape creates excessive water pressure on the fish.

My opinion: I refuse to even comment on this nonsense. I will only say that poor Pascal turns over in his coffin every time someone reads such a statement and agrees with it. If you

If you find it difficult to understand what I have written, then I advise you to consult a school physics textbook for information. Preferably published by the Ministry of Education of the Soviet Union. Because the level of knowledge of natural sciences of people who started their education in the post-Soviet space is sometimes simply shocking.

Reason five: A circular aquarium increases vibrations many times over. Therefore, the fish live under constant exposure to stress factors, due to which their immunity is weakened, they often get sick and have a short life span.

My opinion: Yes, sound waves have nowhere to be damped as they are in glued or caulk-assembled frame aquariums. This statement is partly true. Think of the clinking of New Year’s Eve glasses. The ringing is greater the more empty the glass is. Water dampens these vibrations, though partially. To what extent this fact is harmful to the inhabitants of the glass globe is debatable. I suggest we file a complaint against the nature that designed the egg. Now we know why the dinosaurs became extinct….

We should also remember about the poor astronauts, who are cruelly abused by NASA forcing them to wear such a harmful object on their heads. If you win your lawsuit against the space corporation, don’t forget to pay me a percentage for the idea.

Reason Six: Unreliability. A spherical tank is just like a time bomb, ready to burst at any moment, giving you and your downstairs neighbors a miniature “global flood”.

My opinion: Yes, glass is a fragile thing in general. The side wall of a rectangular glued tank can also burst due to internal stress. The wall of a round aquarium is less susceptible to internal stress than the wall of a rectangular prefabricated jar due to the same spherical shape. Let’s remember again the egg. It is this shape that protects the embryo of egg-laying species from all external troubles in the best possible way.

The egg resists external influences several times more than internal ones. That is why the chick, being well protected from the outside world, easily climbs out, breaking through the shell from the inside, when it wants to see what we are doing here. Fish, as I recall, are beakless. If you refrain from testing the strength of the ball by hammering on the inside of its wall, it can theoretically last forever. It is unlikely to dry out or leak.

Reason seven: a round aquarium has a small volume.

My opinion: Here I have to agree with the author of “seven harms”. Really modern technologies do not allow to create a glass ball with a volume of more than fifty liters at an acceptable price for most of us. And the volume of fifty liters is really small for all breeds of goldfish, which more often than other fish depicted inside the ball-shaped bank marketers firms producing aquarium equipment. This main as seen as a mistake advertisers, which can cost very expensive round aquarium and its manufacturers. A couple of such advertising “masterpieces” you saw above. The aquariums themselves are great, but the selection of the population – terrible 🙂

barbus v rhuglov akvariume
Барбусы лучше приживутся в таком объеме

The author of “Seven Harms” calls on Western countries to help himself. There, they say, such a form of vessel is generally prohibited. Perhaps it is so. But what does it give? Little wonder why, the round aquarium is forbidden there.

MAC of the USSR and Western countries

For example, the maximum permissible concentrations of some poisonous substances in food and in the environment according to the sanitary norms of Western countries are an order of magnitude higher than those regulated by the sanitary norms of the USSR. In our country, these substances had the right to come into contact with a person in such quantities that they would not cause illness throughout his life.

And according to the sanitary norms of Western countries, the concentration of these substances should be such that at the moment of contact with it a person did not go to the dustbin. And the fact that the liver from fast food falls off, so it can not be proven. You eat other foods besides fast food. So maybe you got poisoned or sick after you chewed an apple from your cottage from a tree that was watered with clean rainwater. What if the rain was acidic?

I got carried away with illustrating the absurdity of appealing to Western countries when it comes to the harmlessness of this or that household item or food product. I could still go on and on about the manipulation of consciousness, but I will refrain. The theme of the site is somewhat different.

А еще лучше гуппи и данио

Round aquarium Let’s summarize some of the results

Let’s get back to our sheep, or rather to our man-made lakes, ponds and swamps. Well, what anyone can make. Still our own, still our favorite.

Yes, the balloon is a little more difficult to maintain. It’s harder to find equipment for it. It sometimes “rings” more than you’d like. It distorts the objects inside of it a bit.

But, its harmfulness to its inhabitants, in my opinion, is exaggerated or far-fetched. Equipment for the round vessel still exists on sale, and some devices can be made independently. The complexity of care is compensated for by its pronounced decorative properties. Distortions of objects can sometimes even enhance the decorative effect.

Summarizing the above, I can say that for species, biotope or growing aquarium spherical shape is certainly not suitable. But if your main goal is to give a special color to the interior of the living room, then with a beautifully designed, properly lit, populated with properly selected fish, filled with crystal clear water c round aquarium is not comparable to any rectangle, even if it will occupy half of your room.

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