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Aquarium care is important, so that the fish bring you joy and live a long time, learn how to properly care for your aquarium. There are a few simple rules that should always be observed.

Aquarium care Water settling out

To begin with, you should only fill the aquarium with water that has been drained. For each fish species there are certain characteristics of suitable water. Water that has been standing for 24 hours is not sufficiently tempered, so it should be kept for at least 72 hours. Only such water is suitable for many fish. But you can not wait so long, and just heat it to 70 degrees, and then wait until it cools down.

Thus, it will leave chlorine, which is often disinfected water, and it will not be able to harm your fish. Change it should not be very often. Pour fresh water in small portions and only after the bottom will be cleaned from the remains of uneaten food, dead pieces of plants. It is considered correct to replace one-third of the volume of water once a week. If your aquarium has fish that do not like frequent water changes, then change only 1/5 of the volume.

Do not panic if the water in your aquarium becomes cloudy, even though you take good care of it. This is not always the fault of bacteria, sometimes leftover dry food can also cloud the water. Try to simply remove the debris and don’t feed your fish this food for a while. If the water does not lighten, and there is not a pleasant odor, then do a comprehensive cleaning of your room lake. Fish you will have to put for a while in another container, and in the aquarium you need to release daphnia, which are good at cleaning the water.

What to do with a new aquarium?

If you have bought a new aquarium, start by washing it well without using household chemicals. Try to change the water to room temperature for a few days. In this way, you will be able to adapt it to the water. In the glass will gradually reduce the internal tension, and the glue seams will seal. Then fill the bottom with soil and plant plants in it and wait for them to take root.

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Only after you see that they have taken root, start the fish. Do not think that it is so easy to do. To keep them stress-free, learn about their behavior and personality from various sources of information. Try to pick fish that in nature live in the same ecological environment. Do not sit in one aquarium fish that need too different water temperatures because only 1 species will survive, which will be more comfortable, but 2 will die. Cold-water fish in the same aquarium with tropical fish will definitely not survive. It also goes without saying that you should not put in the same aquarium marine and freshwater fish.

New fish. How do I get them hooked up?

If you bought a new species of fish and decided to add them to the fish already living in your fish, then in no case should not send them immediately to the general aquarium because they can be infected and infect your fish, which before this felt comfortable at you.

It is better to study fish species before buying and find out which species can live with which. Fish species of commensurate size, with similar habitat conditions and similar food preferences can get along well.

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No matter how sure you are that the fish are suitable for each other, you should not let them into a common aquarium immediately after purchase. First, the newly purchased fish should be placed in a quarantine tank. In quarantine fish should be from one week to a month. Only after that if all the fish in quarantine are alive, healthy and cheerful they can be launched into the general aquarium. This will prevent the infection of fish that have already taken root with you.

Aquarium care Do I need aeration?

To ensure comfortable conditions for the fish in your aquarium, install an aerator in the tank. It will ensure a proper air supply to the tank. Remember that the air supply in the aquarium should be provided for 8 hours a day. If you leave it on all the time, it will not harm the inhabitants of your aquarium. Even more fish can be placed in such an aquarium and they will be cozy and happy there.

Aquarium fish are beautiful creatures that can decorate any home. The main thing is to learn how to handle them correctly and constantly monitor their home. It is important to learn how to handle them properly and constantly monitor their home.

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