Kerry fish

Inpaichthys kerri

Kerry is a fish that has only recently appeared behind the aquarium glass. However, it is known to mankind for some twenty years. It was discovered and described only recently. Immediately this smpotyazhka attracted fans of indoor ponds.

Kerry Fish Description

And indeed, small size – up to four and a half centimeters. Cigar-shaped body shape. Olive coloration in females and soft blue in males with a bright blue line along the entire body, red-orange spot on the dorsal fin. Peaceful disposition. Well, what is not a candidate for a small-sized decorative aquarium?

Another name for this fish is purple neon. Latin: Inpaichthys kerri. It is also sometimes called false tetra.

Inpaichthys kerri
Фиолетовый неон

Carey fish is a gregarious fish. It is desirable to keep it in a flock of about 10 individuals with an equal ratio of males and females or one-third of males – two-thirds of females.

For such a flock is enough aquarium of about 30 liters. The bottom can be covered with any substrate that you have. Suitable coarse river sand, small pebbles, small gravel. Plants any with suitable conditions of content. You can use cattail, elodea, vallisneria, some types of cryptocoryne, echinodorus.

It does not have any special requirements for food. It can be fed dry fodder. But it is better to regularly give them live types of food. With pleasure they eat daphnia, cyclops, small moths, cut earthworm. You can give small portions of chopped lean beef meat.

Inpaichthys kerri
Очень симпотичненько смотрится в стайке

It is possible to keep a flock of kerries in a common aquarium. It is only necessary to choose them peaceful neighbors who would not offend them.

Tap water is suitable for maintenance. Acidity 6.9. Hardness up to 10 degrees. Water temperature 22-24 degrees Celsius.

If the aquarium is overpopulated, additional aeration and water filtration should be provided.


For spawning is better to equip a separate aquarium. The area of its bottom should be at least 800 square centimeters. The height of the water column is about 15 centimeters. It is desirable that one of the sides was sloping, sloping. Water should be used old. You only need to replace one third of it with fresh tempered, well aerated. The acidity of water is 6.9, the hardness is about 6 degrees, the temperature is raised to 24 – 26 degrees. The bottom can be covered with sand. On it you can lay a protective mesh. It is desirable to use small-leaved plants such as hornwort, ferns.

In the corners should also put a few bundles of well boiled willow roots. For spawning, you can put a flock of fish with an equal ratio of males and females. If females will be more than males, there will be a lot of unfertilized eggs. After about two to three days will begin spawning. Spawning usually begins at dawn. It can last all day. Males spread their fins and drive the females to bundles of willow roots. There they hatch a small portion of eggs, and the males immediately fertilize them. after some time, this ritual is repeated. Caviar in kerri small not sticky light amber color transparent. It is usually difficult to see in the aquarium.

After the end of spawning, it is desirable to wean the producers.

Caring for fry

After about twenty-four hours, small fry emerge from the eggs. They lie motionless on the bottom eating nutrients from the yolk sac. After about four days, they are on the glass rise to the surface of the water, begin to actively swim and feed. by this time, you need to take care that you have food for them. The starting food is infusoria slipper. After a couple of days they can add nauplii of cyclops or artemia. As they grow, they should be transferred to larger types of food and planted in containers of larger sizes, sorting them by size.

The fry grow quickly and reach sexual maturity by the age of six months.

Here is such an interesting fish kerry added to the list of decorative aquarium fish recently. And how many more interesting species living in the wild we do not know, we can only guess.

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