Aquarium cabinet

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The aquarium cabinet solves many problems of placing a living corner in a city apartment. It is not only a reliable pedestal for installing the aquarium but also a place for storing inventory.

Aquarium cabinet What to consider when choosing?

Of course, a container with a small liter can easily fit on any desk, but for large containers you need a cabinet for the aquarium. Of course, such bollards should be very high quality and durable and should be chosen with all the nuances.

Not always in specialized stores you can find exactly what you will be satisfied with, but this is not a problem, because today you can not only buy ready-made, but you can also make bollards to order.

Тумба под аквариум в современном дизайне

Table top dimensions

It goes without saying that the dimensions of the table top must be at least as large as the bottom of the aquarium for which it is purchased. The entire perimeter of the bottom of the vessel must be supported.

It is no secret that the structure under the aquarium should be strong enough, and for this purpose, when it is made, it is necessary to arrange additional cross supports. If the design of the cabinet provides doors, there must be a gap above them, it is necessary in case of subsidence of the table top.

In addition to the strength of a quality cabinet under the aquarium, must have an absolutely flat surface of the table top. Since if the surface will have even the slightest deflection, then later under water pressure, the bottom of the aquarium will also bend, which is fraught with irreparable consequences. But it happens that made to order tables have a slight deflection of the table top, and you do not want to wait again for a long time to remake the cabinet, then in places of deviation can be put plastic thin plates, equal to the size of the deflection, but in no case they should not be more deflection in height.

You can also use for these purposes thin foam or foam board cut to the size of the aquarium. Under the weight of water, it will shrink more in places where the tabletop above the neighboring areas. True all these tricks of course – forced measure. It is best to choose the cabinet more carefully, making sure that it has a level and strong table top.

Тумба из натурального дерева с резьбой

Why so many shelves?

The cabinet itself should have several compartments and shelves for auxiliary equipment and aquarium equipment. If the cabinet is made to order, it is possible to discuss in advance the arrangement of compartments, shelves and mountings for filters, compressors and other equipment. This is especially important for marine aquariums, which often need to be equipped with relatively complex water filtration systems to maintain its salt content within specified limits.

It is desirable that in the back or one of the side walls there is a hole for electrical input for powering compressors, pumps, heaters and other electrical equipment. In the upper part of the cabinet should be another hole through which to the aquarium will be stretched hoses, tubes compressors filters and wires sensors, heaters and lighting equipment.

Material from which the cabinet is made

The most common material for furniture today is particleboard (chipboard). This material has many advantages, but it can swell when in contact with water. Since any home pond needs periodic maintenance, which is associated with working with water, it is necessary that the construction material from which the cabinet is made under the aquarium was waterproof and not deformed from contact with water. But such a cabinet can cost several times more expensive than chipboard. If you have limited funds, and still want a cabinet, you can order its manufacture and chipboard, but it should be controlled that it was carefully treated with water-resistant paints or varnishes. In the case of coating with lacquer under it can be a decorative film to your taste.

Тумба, как тумба…

If the floor is not level in the place where you intend to place the cabinet under the aquarium, it is not superfluous to equip the cabinet with adjustable legs to level the table top horizontally. However, you can do without this option. After all, the cabinet will be installed once for a long time. Therefore, during installation, it will be enough to make pads of wooden blocks under the legs so that the cabinet does not rock, stands stable and its table top is horizontal.

Aquarium cabinet Where to buy?

Where to buy a cabinet? This is not a trivial question. You can buy bollards in specialized stores, but then you have to choose from what is available in the range. However, the choice is quite large today. And the production capabilities of the furniture company guarantee that the cabinet will be made of water-resistant materials or appropriately processed. And its construction will definitely withstand the weight that corresponds to the volume of the aquarium under which it is designed.

If you have not managed to find a cabinet that would satisfy your tastes and needs among the ready-made industrial offers, you can order a custom-made cabinet. In this case, to perform this work, you need to carefully select the performer. Since the bollards are made for aquariums from 300 liters, this amount of water on the floor you will not be happy, not to mention the large volumes. And I am already silent about the agony of regret about the dead fish and such a “trifle” as communication with neighbors from the bottom floor, if you live on the floor above the first.

Rare or custom?

Both in regular stores and in Internet representations buyers have the opportunity to view catalogs with finished products, and choose a suitable cabinet under the aquarium of the desired color and size. True in the Internet, the choice is usually more, the information is presented better. Although in conventional stores can sometimes meet pleasant exceptions. Just the soul rejoices when you meet with a sales consultant who really understands the issue and who wants to help you choose exactly what you need, and not to push you what is in stock and already all the eyes have worn out.

Все оборудование аквариума можно спрятать в тумбе

If you are not affected by any model, then you can buy bollards to order, even according to individual sketches and dimensions. It is only necessary to choose a conscientious performer who has experience in performing such work. It is desirable that the workshop was in your city, so that before delivery to your home you can inspect the finished product.

The aquarium cabinet has several functions. In addition to its direct duty as a stand for the aquarium, it also hides all the auxiliary equipment in its depths. Thus improving the overall impression of your living area. Now everything you need to care for your aquarium can also be hidden out of sight, which will certainly give your home a more attractive, tidy look. And the variety of design solutions that can be embodied in such a thing as a cabinet under the aquarium can transform the whole look of the room in which your artificial lake will be located.

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