Cichlasoma salvini

Цихлазома Сальвини

Cichlasoma salvini was described by Gunther back in 1862. However, behind the glass of aquariums appeared only by the end of the last century. The fish is very beautiful, as well as intelligent enough to attract the attention of any amateur or professional. But keeping it in captivity is associated with a number of difficulties associated with its habits (fish sharply territorial). But having overcome these difficulties, you will be fully satisfied, having tamed such a living wonder.

biological kingdomAnimals
biological typeChordates
biological classRadiant fish
biological divisionPerch
biological FamilyCichlids
biological genusCichlasoma
biological speciesCichlasoma salvini

Synonyms: Манго-цихлиды, Cichlasoma tenue, Astronotus salvini, Heros trigramma, Nandopsis salvini, Parapetenia salvini.

Where does he live?: Inhabit shallow bodies of standing water in eastern Central America from southern Mexico to Guatemala. They are also found along the banks of large rivers.

Cichlasoma salvini fish description

Mango cichlids have an oblong body flattened on the sides. The main background color is yellow-orange. Along the midline of the body there is a row of large anthracite-colored spots. Just above these spots there is another longitudinal stripe consisting of spots of the same color, but slightly smaller in size. The body length is from 12 to 16 centimeters. In the wild, some specimens may reach the size of twenty-two centimeters in length.

ареал Цихлазома сальвини
Ареал обитания.

The head is large with large eyes that have an iris red color. The lips are thick. Gill covers are covered with dots and stripes of emerald color. Sexual maturity is reached by 10 to 12 months of age. The species is facultatively monogamous, the conjugal pair is formed by semi-annual fish.

Cichlasoma salvini Sex differences

The male and female are easily distinguished. The male is larger than his mate and has a fatty tubercle on the forehead. The female has two additional black spots. One unpaired located approximately in the middle of the dorsal fin. The second paired on the gill covers below the midline, closer to the abdomen, which resemble large additional eyes.

Cichlasoma salvini care and maintenance in the aquarium

Содержать этих красавиц сравнительно сложно. Основная сложность возникает из-за своенравного характера этих аристократок. Впрочем, это можно сказать почти обо всех цихлидах.

Volume of water body

One pair needs a tank of one hundred liters or more. If the volume is larger, more individuals can be kept together at the rate of 30 – 40 liters per fish.


Almost any kind of soil is suitable, but it is better to use granite chips or small pebbles. The layer of soil should be poured about eight centimeters, so that you can plant plants with a strong rhizome. The bottom must necessarily be decorated with man-made grottoes of large stones, rocks, snags. These are all decorations in addition to giving the underwater landscape of a unique look at a successful location, will still be a refuge for fish that will want to be secluded or forced to hide from a more aggressive rival.


Flora should be selected with strong rhizomes and stiff leaves. Many authors point out that plants in open areas, over which there are no canopies or floating plants remain intact. Mangas more often favor places that are sheltered from the overhead light by driftwood, large flat stones or simply floating plants on the surface.

Цихлазома Сальвини
К растениям относится более бережно, чем другие цихлиды

Therefore, in open areas you can try to plant even Echinodorus delicate. Cryptocoryne, peristolistnik, vallisneria, elodea are also suitable. Elodea I recommend just because of its rapid growth. If in nature it is a weed sometimes ruining natural ecosystems, then behind the glass of artificial ponds with cichlids, it can give the opportunity to do without artificial moulages of flora.

Water parameters

They are not demanding to water composition. The hardness can be in the range from 5 to 20°dH. The active reaction should be neutral or slightly alkaline pH – 7-8,5. Perhaps, increased requirements are imposed on the temperature, which should be in the range from 24 to 26 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the aquarium is better equipped with a heater with a thermostat.


As already indicated, cichlazoma Salvini fond its nesting place, protected from the bright overhead light. Therefore, illuminate the aquarium with these fish airfield spotlight is not worth it. The total power of fluorescent lamps about 0.3 W / L will be quite enough for your pets do not sit all the time in the shelter, and let you admire themselves.

Aeration, filtration is desirable, especially when kept in a common aquarium. Water should be clean, with sufficient dissolved oxygen.

Cichlasoma salvinii Compatibility

It’s a tricky question. The fish is territorial even under normal conditions. And during spawning, the artificial reservoir will be clearly divided into two halves. One half – a blue lagoon for a couple of cichlasoma Salvini. The second half – for all other inhabitants of your reservoir.

Цихлазома Сальвини
Супружеская чета

And they are more tolerant of representatives of other families (barbs, swordtails). Relatives of the same species, genus and even family will be in disgrace, both during spawning and in the inter spawning period.


Feed live food, as all predators should be given. They will happily eat moths, bark, pipefish, shrimp, snails, and small fish.

Fish Cichlasoma salvini breeding

Can spawn while in a common aquarium. But for the spawning period, all their neighbors will have to huddle in the far corner of the aquarium from their nest, it is, firstly. Secondly, Manga is not only aggressive, but also fearful, however, like all brawlers. Stress can cause them to lose offspring. And the loss of offspring can lead to a family scandal and scuffle, which can end badly for the female, and then for the male, who is left without a girlfriend, will begin to pine and may also die.

Therefore, fish cichlasoma salvinyluch will be better to equip a separate spawning ground. For these purposes will be suitable for a container of one hundred liters with a large number of shelters at the bottom. If the fish like a place under the open sky, then it will have to arrange over it any additional canopy (arch of large stones, large snags, finally, a bunch of plants floating on the surface, such as riccia or cassava).

цихлазома сальвини
Это не горшок!!! Это уютный детский сад…

Additional spawning stimulation

Until this is done, spawning may be delayed even if all other conditions are met. Other conditions for stimulating spawning include gradually changing two volumes of water over one week, and increasing the temperature by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. When the couple feels that the ideal conditions for their love are created, they will deposit up to five hundred eggs on a suitable smooth surface of a rock or snag.

After about three days, the larvae will appear, and after some time the fry will swim and begin to feed. Cichlasoma fry are relatively large. They can find food among the thickets of plants, if such remained after the preparation of parents to spawn. In addition, they can be given Artemia nauplii, and literally after a week (sometimes immediately) they can be fed with finely chopped trumpet fish.

Temperature is critical for fry

The temperature in the spawning area should be strictly monitored. It should not fall below 26 degrees Celsius. Lower temperature fry practically do not tolerate and may die, which will greatly upset both their parents and you. Mangi long care for their offspring. If you do not create them stressful situations, then the fry can not be removed. If still noticed strange behavior in the producers, namely, an irresistible desire to give a good crack to his partner, and even more so if you notice attempts to implement this desire, it is urgent to remove the adult fish from the spawning ground. And they should also be removed from each other or separate one from the other with glass or netting until their passions are not settled.

Cichlasoma Salvini is a very beautiful representative of the cichlid family. Because of the difficulties caused by the peculiarities of its behavior, for a relatively long time it was not possible to keep representatives of this species behind the glass aquarium. It is a rare inhabitant of artificial reservoirs and today.

This fish requires constant attention, but the amazing manner of behavior and magnificent coloration of these fastidious makes the species Cichlasoma salvini desirable in the collection of every cichlidnik. And its not very large size allows you to use a container for its content, the size of which will not prevent it from being installed in most modern apartments. A beginner who will catch fire with the desire to start these cichlids, should be prepared to solve a number of problems. Having solved which he will surely come to the conclusion that it was worth it!

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