Types of aquariums


Aquariums are categorized according to the following main features:

  1. Forme.
  2. Size.
  3. By water salinity.
  4. On water temperature.
  5. On Topic.

According to the shape of aquariums can be rectangular, triangular, polyhedral, round and spherical.Rectangular aquariums are the most convenient for keeping fish and observing them. But in multifaceted and round and spherical aquariums are not very good feel their inhabitants. And to care for such aquariums is more difficult than for rectangular. For originality is not worth chasing here. In addition, and rectangular aquarium, properly installed and well decorated, too, will perfectly decorate any interior. And its straight not curved glass will provide a magnificent view of the underwater panorama.

  1. By water salinity. There are marine aquariums and freshwater aquariums. Marine aquarium and on the equipment and maintenance is much more complicated than freshwater. Therefore, the novice aquarist, of course, should start with a freshwater aquarium.On the salinity of water. There are aquariums marine and freshwater. Marine aquarium and on the equipment and content is much more complicated than freshwater. Therefore, a novice aquarist should certainly start with a freshwater aquarium.
  2. According to water temperature, aquariums can be divided into warm-water and cold-water aquariums. Warm-water aquariums are mainly those that contain tropical fish species. Cold-water aquariums are aquariums for keeping fish from local water bodies.
  3. The aquariums are divided into thematic aquariums, which contain various representatives of flora and fauna from different parts of our planet. And thematic aquariums, which contain, for example, a collection of tropical fish.
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