Dwarf gourami

фото гурами карликовый

The dwarf gourami has been kept in our aquariums since 1954. Although this species has been known for a long time. This is probably the smallest representatives of this family. Fish gregarious and very peaceful. And these fish are also able to make sounds. Fish talker is characterized by intelligence and cleverness.

ClassBony fish
ViewTrichopsis pumilus

Areal: Inhabits small mountain streams, standing water bodies, is also found in rice fields of southeast Asia, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Kampuchea.

Description: The pygmy gourami is probably the smallest representative of the family, which is actually reflected in its name. The length of its body is usually 3.5 centimeters, occasionally it reaches 4 centimeters. The body is oblong, flattened from the sides, relatively low compared to other representatives of the family. The color of the body is olive. Along the median line along the entire body stretches a dark band formed by dark small spots.

Eyes and abdomen have a pinkish tint. The first rays of the pelvic fins are modified and represent whiskers. Anal fin extends to the caudal fin. Dorsal – short rounded. Caudal fin is also rounded only slightly pointed at the end. Dorsal, anal and caudal fins may have pinkish edging. Life expectancy is about three years. Sexual maturity is reached at the age of about five months. Prefer to be in a pack. Somewhat fearful. Species labyrinthine. The labyrinth is poorly developed.

гурами карликовый фото
плавники имеют розовую окантовку

Sex differences: Males are somewhat larger and slimmer than their mates and have brighter coloration.

Compatibility: Dwarf gourami is a very peaceful fish. Can be kept together with any other species with similar conditions and commensurate sizes. Their neighbors may well be danio rerio, danio Hopra, common neons, red neons, cherry barbs.

Dwarf gourami content

A relatively easy to keep species. It is better to keep in a separate species aquarium. For a flock of 10 individuals is suitable for a body of water with a volume of thirty liters and more. The tank is desirable to select an oblong, low. Its length is desirable not less than 30 centimeters, and the water layer should be about 20 centimeters. As for other labyrinth species, the aquarium should be equipped with a lid or at least covered with glass. This will prevent cold room air from entering the overwater space and keep your pets from catching colds.

The soil should be shallow, dark and well silted. At the bottom you can place a few snags and equip a few caves of large stones or shards, not used pottery pots. In the background and at the side windows, it is desirable to arrange medium dense thickets, so that these timid fish can occasionally hide in them. For these purposes, you can use vallisneria, peristolistnik, Echinodorus vesuvius.

The dwarf gourami likes warmth. The water temperature for keeping should be between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. Water hardness should be medium and should be between 8 and 15°dH. The pH is 7. Lighting should not be made too bright. From 0.3 to 0.5 W / l is quite acceptable power of daylight bulbs. Gourami dwarf is a labyrinth species, but his labyrinth is poorly developed. Therefore, the water should be well saturated with dissolved oxygen. Additional artificial aeration is necessary, especially if your pond is overpopulated. Water should be clean and clear, so an internal or external filter is also necessary.

Nutrition: The species is not fastidious in the choice of food. But it is necessary to give small food – daphnia, small moths, truncheon.


Breeding requires a tank of 30 liters or more. More often practiced pair breeding. Two weeks before the expected spawning of producers seeded and abundantly fed live feed. The water level should be 10 – 15 centimeters. Hardness – no more than 10 °dH. pH – 7. It is quite possible to use boiled cooled water, tempered and aerated before use. Along the back wall should be arranged thickets of plants. In the spawning tank necessarily put broad-leaved plants. Since the male builds a foam nest just under the broad leaves, both on the surface of the water and in its thickness. For these purposes are suitable cryptocoryne, echinodorus.

гурами карликовый фото
сидение в зарослях еще ни кому ни когда не вредило

After the spawning ground will be arranged in it put the producers and raise the temperature to 26 – 28 degrees Celsius. Increase in temperature, lowering the hardness is a stimulus to the beginning of spawning. During spawning, the fish emit a relatively loud characteristic rumbling. It is believed that this sound occurs when air passes through the cavities of the labyrinth. After the male builds a nest. He invites the female under it and spawning begins.

The female does not hatch individual eggs, but bundles of eggs. One bundle contains 4 to 6 whitish yellow eggs, which the male must separate from each other and place in the nest. During spawning, the female lays from 150 to 300 eggs. After this she should be removed. The incubation period lasts about 48 hours. When the fry swim, the male should be removed from the spawning ground. The starting food for the fry is infusoria. As they grow, they are transferred to crustacean nauplii, and then to larger food.

The dwarf gourami is a very interesting fish. Its relatively discreet coloration is more than compensated by the peculiarities of its behavior and cat purring in periods of excitement. “Nem like a fish” is not about this species.

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