Moon gourami

гурами лунный

Gourami moon appeared behind the glass of our aquariums relatively recently. On the territory of Russia imported in 1981. He immediately won the love of amateurs. Became quite popular due to its original coloration. Which resembles the lunar shine of the water surface on a clear night.

classBony fish
genusGourami Threadfin Gourami
speciesMoon gourami

Latin: Trichogaster microlepis

Habitat.: Inhabits densely overgrown ponds lakes, streams of Southeast Asia. Prefers clean water bodies of Cambodia and Thailand.

Moon gourami Description

The fish has a high oblong flattened body from the sides. A characteristic feature of the moon gourami is a concave forehead. The body is covered with small scales of silver color, sometimes with a bluish cast. The species owes its coloration to its name. The dorsal fin is shorter and more rounded than in other species. All fins are transparent, grayish tint.

гурами лунный
у самца во время нереста брюшко и нити становятся оранжевыми

Gourami moonfish is a large fish. In the wild reaches twenty centimeters. However, in aquarium keeping, its length rarely exceeds twelve to fifteen centimeters. The species is labyrinthine, breathes atmospheric air.

Gender differences

The male is larger and slimmer than the female. His dorsal fin is longer, pointed at the end. In the female it is shorter, has a more rounded shape. The easiest way to determine the sex of these fish during spawning. Then the abdomen of the male acquires an orange-red color.

Lunar gourami aquarium maintenance

The content is relatively straightforward.

Aquarium volume

Since the species is large, it also requires a large body of water. A pair of fish can be kept in a fifty-liter aquarium. The volume of one hundred liters can be populated with four or six individuals. The aquarium should be equipped with a lid. This will prevent a large amount of cold room air from entering the above-water space, which will keep your pets from catching colds.


Almost any kind of soil is suitable. It is desirable that it should be of a dark shade. Fish will look better on such a background. Although it is a matter of taste. It is desirable to decorate the bottom with several snags.

гурами лунный
крупный вид

Moon gourami and Plants

Any kind of flora is also suitable. It will only need to create a few islands of dense thickets that could serve as a refuge for this rather fearful fish. Should also remember to leave enough room for swimming. To create thickets can be used Wallisneria spiral, pistolistnik herringbone, Echinodorus amazonian. On the surface of the water should be let float ritchia, cassava or pistia.

Water parameters

Fish heat-loving optimal temperature for content 22 – 24 degrees Celsius. To the hardness of the water environment is indifferent enough, withstand its fluctuations from 8 to 20 °dH. The acidity of water should be neutral pH 7.


Lighting should not be too bright, but at the same time should be sufficient for normal plant development. As illuminators it is better to use fluorescent daylight lamps with a total power of about 0.5 W/l.


Gourami moonfish labyrinth fish, so it can be in an environment with a low content of dissolved oxygen, but it is still better to provide a weak additional artificial aeration. The air pumped by the compressor through the water will moisten and heat. Thanks to this under the cover of the aquarium will accumulate moisturized warm air. Well, and dissolved oxygen has not yet harmed any fish. And if your reservoir is overpopulated, then without artificial aeration can not do without.


The aquarium is better equipped with at least the simplest mechanical filter, which would purify the water from turbidity and the smallest suspended particles.

Gourami Moon Compatibility

Fish in general and generally peaceful, even can be said fearful. Can be kept with other peaceful species of commensurate size, which have similar conditions. However, during spawning can be aggressive toward other species of smaller sizes, such as lalius, honey gourami. But this is due to excessive curiosity of the latter.

гурами лунный
иногда имеет голубоватый оттенок

Gourami Moon Feeding

He has an excellent appetite. Will eat any food that you offer him. Live – moths, trumpet fish, daphnia. Dry food daphnia, gamarus. We must remember that they also need vegetable food – crushed scalded scalded boiled leaves of dandelion, cabbage, spinach. You can also give vegetable flakes. The main thing is not to allow overeating. And they will not remain hungry. Young specimens perfectly clean the leaves of plants and glasses of the vessel from algae. Strongly hungry, can eat snails.

Moon gourami breeding

Sexually mature individuals are selected for breeding. For two weeks, they are placed in different vessels. You can spawn in pairs or groups. During the pre spawning period, they need to be fed live feed. For spawning will be suitable for a volume of fifty to one hundred liters. Soil is not necessary.

The water level should be about fifteen centimeters. Its temperature should be maintained between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. The hardness should be about 10°dH. Reaction pH 7. On the surface of the water throw floating plants such as cassava, pistia, riccia. The male uses them to build a nest. The nest is usually large. Its diameter can reach fifteen centimeters, sometimes even more. The nest may rise about one and a half centimeters above the surface.

гурами лунный
под гнездом

When the nest is ready, the breeders position themselves under the nest. The male wraps his body around the female’s abdomen and turns her over with her abdomen toward the nest. In this position, she hatch a portion of eggs. The male picks up the fertilized eggs with his mouth and places them in the nest.

This dance lasts for several hours. During this time, the female, depending on her readiness, can hatch from three hundred to five thousand eggs. After the end of spawning female should be removed. Further care of the offspring falls on the father. He takes care of the nest. Replaces the eggs that have fallen out. Adds air bubbles if necessary.

Caring for fry

Incubation lasts about two days, and after another two to four days the fry will swim. Now from the spawning ground should be removed and daddy. The water level should be lowered to ten centimeters. This level should be maintained until the fry have not formed a labyrinth, and they begin to breathe atmospheric air. Starter food for fry – infusoria, small zooplankton. As the young grow, they should be transferred to larger types of food, as well as sorted by size, so that the larger tomboys do not oppress their smaller brothers.

The moon gourami is a very beautiful fish. Despite its large size, can be kept in a common aquarium, as it has a fairly peaceful disposition. Still, it is better for him to equip a species aquarium, although it will require some additional space. I hope you liked the new acquaintance.

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