Ryukin is another breeding form of goldfish. It is believed that this breed was imported to Japan around the sixteenth century from the Ryukyu archipelago or in another reading Ryukyu. To what the fish owes its name.

We will probably never know the exact date of the beginning of keeping and breeding of this fish in that area. We can only presumably subtract from the known date from one to ten centuries. Some researchers consider the riukin to be the ancestor of the Japanese vaqualetail and oranda.

Description of subspecies

Riukin is distinguished by the fact that, being a short-bodied form, it is quite large and can reach twenty centimeters in length. Usually short-bodied forms have smaller sizes. Another distinctive feature of this breed is the elevation of the back, which immediately behind the head rises sharply upward, forming a kind of hump. The dorsal fin is erect on the elevated back. The coloration of riukin, as with most species bred from goldfish is varied, but the predominant colors are red silver and black. Most often the red riukin is found. Very beautiful riukin chintz. Interesting looks especially in pools riukin red and white. The tail is bifurcated and can be quite large. But five to six lengths of the body, as in the Japanese vualekhvosta does not reach.

Ryukin maintenance in the aquarium

Due to the large body size, keeping in an aquarium is problematic. Maximum two fish per 100 liter aquarium. It is also necessary to regularly (once a week) change one third of the water to fresh. It is highly desirable constant aeration and filtration of water. In terms of food is not fastidious – moths, large daphnia, earthworms, porridge, plant food. It is also desirable periodic feeding special feeds for cold-water ornamental fish.

The decoration of the aquarium can be varied. The soil is desirable fine and medium fractional. It is not desirable to have large stones with sharp edges and snags with sharp knots. When selecting plants should take into account that riukin do not mind them to devour. And therefore in the aquarium is desirable fast-growing plants, such as elodea. Of the rooting in the ground plants are suitable Wallisneria and cattail. Lighting of the aquarium should be bright.

Water parameters do not differ from those for other breeds of goldfish, namely temperature 15 – 20 ° C, water hardness up to 20 °dH, pH about 7.

Fish riukin due to its size is more suitable for keeping in ponds and in greenhouse ornamental pools. And although in aquarium conditions, the Ryukin rarely reaches its maximum size, still, as it grows, it will soon enough begin to experience a lack of space even in a capital-liter aquarium.

Otherwise, maintenance and breeding are the same as other goldfish breeds. You can see them in the article about goldfish. It is only necessary to make an allowance for its size.

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