Demekin goldfish

Рыба телескоп

Demekin goldfish is another original form of Goldfish, obtained by artificial selection. Many generations of fish breeders have worked hard to obtain such a fish, as well as to fix the changes at the genetic level.

Description of demekin goldfish

The name of the fish, as with many other Gold fish breeds, speaks for itself. The eyes of adult representatives of this breed are so large and sometimes so elongated that sometimes they really do bear some resemblance to optical equipment. These eyes are so prominent on the sides that the animal’s head resembles a hammer when viewed from above. The form of convexity of the eyes is quite variable (spherical, cone-shaped, cylinders).

Золотая рыбка телескоп

The size of eyes in adult demekin can reach 5 cm. Demekin tail resembles the tail of the fan-tail – bifurcated, it can exceed the length of the body of the fish. At Demekin goldfish tail voile (breed obtained by crossing the telescope with the voiletail), but the size of the tail of the Japanese voiletail does not reach. The body is rounded, as if slightly bloated. There are scaleless forms. The color of the fish is quite variable. Especially valued aquarium fish telescope black with ruby red eyes, bred to the beginning of 1941 Moscow amateur aquarist Andrianov. And aquarium fish telescope black received Moscow aquarist Kozlovov by the end of the nineteenth century were well known, as well as highly valued not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders.

Demekin goldfish maintenance in the aquarium

Content dragonfish has its own peculiarities, primarily related to ensuring the safety of their main decoration – huge eyes. In the aquarium with them should not be sharp stones or snags with knots. Also not desirable plants with stiff leaves. Particular care should be taken when transporting demekinov. Aquarium is better to populate only demekinami. Or keep them with other varieties of Gold fish, that is, the aquarium is desirable species.

Fish telescope creature clumsy, so more mobile neighbors can leave it without lunch, taking, as they call it, moth from under the nose. Do not contain dragonfish with macropods, acaras or other aggressive, as well as predatory fish. In the literature described cases where predatory fish ripped out their eye. I, thank God, have not seen such a thing. No less depressing can have a fish that damaged his eye on sharp rocks. Therefore, it is better to use river sand for the soil.

аквариумные рыбки телескоп черный
аквариумные рыбки телескоп черный

Beauty requires sacrifice or there is no arguing about tastes

Telescope fish, like many other breeds of aquarium fish or other pets, are creatures with generationally fixed deformities that for some reason seemed attractive to humans. By getting such a breed, man must take responsibility for at least giving that creature a normal life. Neither telescope fish, nor water eyes, nor bulldogs, nor many other breeds of fish, dogs, cats can appear naturally.

They only came into existence through the efforts of a person who liked one or another deviation from the norm. Often these deviations are useful. In the case of demekinami it is only decorative changes liked by man and often complicate the life of a living creature. That a person seemed beautiful, decorative or unusual, and therefore interesting, often for the animal is a burden. For a dragon, for example, its unusually large eyes make it very difficult to see in front, which sometimes makes it difficult to feed.

Ever watch a dragon try to swallow a moth. How it misses and how many times it finds food. The further a breed is from its natural form, the more that breed needs attention from its owner. Whether it be with fish, whether it be with dogs or other types of animals. The telescope fish is no exception in this sense. That’s why I can’t call him a fish for a beginner. He will need and your attention and time and then he will please you and svay unusual form and funny behavior. Otherwise, the conditions are similar to the ancestor – goldfish.

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