How to choose an inexpensive aquarium?

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Choose an inexpensive aquarium is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. After all, in addition to saving money, you want to buy a good thing. So that the fish lived well in it and they long delighted the eye. And not turned into a source of frequent disappointment.

When choosing an inexpensive aquarium, it is important to be attentive and consider all the pros and cons. There are several types of tanks available for keeping fish.

In terms of shape, aquariums come in round, spherical, rectangular, triangular and polygonal. As for the material from which the aquarium is made, there are options of glass and plastic.

Circular aquarium

In general, round aquariums should generally be avoided for several reasons. Firstly, because of the strong distortion, the fish look different to observers. In addition, they are inconvenient to maintain because of the tapering top. In addition, the volume of the round aquarium does not exceed 20 liters. This in turn requires frequent water changes. Finally, a round aquarium is three times more expensive than a rectangular one.

It is well-known among aquarium enthusiasts that fish, like other living creatures, recognize their caretakers. When the caretaker approaches to feed them, they swim up as a sign of gratitude. However, in a round aquarium, the fish cannot see you. It is impossible to install the most commonly used pump filters in a round tank. Specialized equipment designed specifically for spherical aquariums is also rarely available. Plant placement is limited, typically allowing only a single plant in the center of the tank. Moreover, round aquariums are not repairable and challenging to clean.

In addition, there is often a debate on the Internet about the potential harm of round aquariums to their inhabitants. Although we cannot talk about what the fish experience in round aquariums. Since they cannot convey their experiences. It is recommended to gather information about possible problems before buying such an aquarium.

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As you can see, round aquariums have a number of disadvantages. On the other hand, in some cases they may be necessary for specific design purposes. Currently, the market offers a wide range of aquariums of various shapes, with rectangular aquariums being the most common and widely available.

Given the relative difficulty of making a spherical container of transparent materials inexpensive aquarium round shape can only be very small in size. Which is not suitable for all aquarium fish.

Rectangular aquarium

The most commonly used shape of a home aquarium is a rectangle. Such an aquarium is much easier to make than a round one. This in turn determines the relatively low price of such products and makes them widely available.

In addition, most aquarium equipment calculated just under the installation of an aquarium rectangular shape. This is valuable when you begin choosing equipment for the arrangement of a new aquarium.

As options for a rectangular aquarium, there are containers square, pentagonal and polygonal.

Material from which the inexpensive aquarium is made

When it comes to plastic aquariums, their only advantage is their lightweight nature. However, they are made of brittle material. This makes them susceptible to scratches and easy breakage. In addition, it is difficult to find suitable options in pet stores. Even small plastic aquariums are much more expensive than conventional glass ones.

The best option is a properly glued glass aquarium. Stores offer a wide range of glass aquariums in various shapes and sizes, catering to different preferences. There are two types of gluing methods: circular and butt gluing.

For medium-sized tanks, butt gluing is not particularly significant. However, this method enhances the tank’s strength and ability to withstand heavy loads due to the strong silicone adhesive. Circular gluing adds aesthetic appeal but comes at a higher cost. In some cases, additional plastic frames are placed on the glued seams as decorative elements, but they do not affect the practicality of the aquarium. Consequently, such tanks are more expensive.

It is important to note that most aquarium equipment is designed for use with rectangular tanks.

These are the key points to consider when standing in front of a display of aquariums for sale. I hope that the thoughts outlined in this article will make it easier for you to choose an inexpensive aquarium.

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