What should you buy along with your aquarium fish?


All pets are very nice and cute, who to get a case of your own – someone one, or several, but if you opted for aquarium fish, you will be interested in the peculiarities of care for them and the necessary equipment for this.

After all, as A. Exupery correctly pointed out in his wonderful book “The Little Prince”, “we are responsible for those we have tamed”.

Мы в ответе за тех, кого приручили.

To begin with, fish are very useful for maintaining psychological health, watching them calms, so now many clinics and large organizations have begun to install aquariums. Kids also like fish – both hyperactive and calm kids. The first they calm and distract from excessive running, and the second find them friends, and can watch them for hours. In addition, brightly colored fish form artistic taste and will help to grow aesthete. This will also contribute to the design of the aquarium, but here the main thing is not to overdo it and create not only external beauty, but first of all, a comfortable environment for its inhabitants.

The aquarium is bought together with aquarium fish or earlier

Buying any fish, you need to immediately pick up for them a spacious and high-quality aquarium. Beforehand, you need to decide where you will put it. Nearby should not be a piano, music installation, TV and other household items that make noise. By the way, according to the popular, now, Feng Shui, the shape of the aquarium also matters – so, it is better to buy round, prismatic or rectangular aquariums.

You will also need special lamps – the fish house should have good lighting.

aquarium lamp
аквариумные осветительные приборы

It is also worth taking care of the plants – they will help you pick them directly in the store.

Each species of fish has its own food. You can find out what your fish eat directly from the retailer. And you should buy the appropriate food right away.

Your floating pets will eat from a special feeder.

aquarium feeders
простейшая аквариумная кормушка

You will need to change the water so that it is always clean and free of pathogenic bacteria. You will also need a net to catch the fish to relocate fry, infected fish and when cleaning the aquarium.

aquarium net
аквариумный сачок

These are just the basic things to buy along with your aquarium fish.

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