Pecilia – care and maintenance


Pecilia is a viviparous fish. It is often found in aquarists, as it is not fastidious in keeping, beautiful, unusual, hardy and very fertile.

In Europe, the pecilia arrived at the same time as the swordfish in the early twentieth century, and breeders were very interested in it. The homeland of the pecilia is Central America, they are found in various reservoirs of the Atlantic basin. The presence of gravel and a variety of vegetation in the reservoirs, warm water and rich organic matter determined the natural features of the habitat of pecilians.

Pecilia Description of species

Fish in nature in size shorter than its close relative swordfish. The female is 5-6cm and the males are 2-3cm. Natural coloration in yellow-brown tones with a couple of dark spots near the tail. Aquarium pecilias are much more attractive. Many colors – the result of many years of breeding. Keeping pecilias is not difficult. Fifty-liter aquarium with a water level of 30cm is well suited for a flock of fish. After all, according to the golden rule of aquariumistics, the greater the volume of the artificial biosphere, the more stable and less susceptible to disruption.

Water hardness – above average, water temperature – 22-25 degrees, and the lower limit of comfort in pecili 18 degrees. Weekly substitution of one-third of the water volume is mandatory. Fresh water is taken at 1-2 degrees warmer than the aquarium and tempered during the day. The presence of plants at the back wall of the aquarium (echinodorus, cryptocoryne, cattail, elodea, isoztis, richchiya) and a large space for swimming at the front wall is desirable.

Окрас близок к природному

Pecilia – mobile and fast fish, chasing each other, sometimes can jump out of the water, so it is necessary or aquarium with a lid or if there is no lid, it should at least cover it with glass. The presence of aeration is not necessary. But there are observations that in aquariums with aeration fish grow and develop faster. However, without increased aeration – the fish are brighter colored.


Pecilians have a peaceful character. They perfectly neighbor with non-aggressive species of fish: neon, cardinals, catfish, danio and others. In food pecilia is not capricious. Will eat any dry, live and plant food, likes daphnia, moths and trubichnik. For males need more and cyclops. Feed should be given as much as the fish can eat for 5 minutes. All not eaten remains must be removed so that they do not fall to the bottom and do not spoil the water. And to prevent disease weekly siphon the soil.

вуалевая пецилия

Pecilia are viviparous fish, fertilization is internal. Fry appear fully formed. Breeding fish can go in a common aquarium in the presence of thickets of plants, where the fry would be able to hide, and a large amount of live food. This will save the fry from cannibalism by the parents. If the fry are born in a separate aquarium, the female should be returned to the common aquarium after the birth to prevent her from eating them.

The number of fry can reach up to 70-80 in large females. Keep babies preferably in a shallow (up to 20cm), a separate aquarium with good aeration and weekly change one quarter of the water to fresh. Feed often, suitable cyclops, microworms, rotifers. From such comfortable conditions fry grow quickly, they are healthy, mobile with beautiful bright coloring.

Such an unpretentious and beautiful fish as pecilia can be safely recommended to novice aquarists. Although experienced aquarium lovers, it is quite common. Perhaps, quite deservedly.

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