Do you need plants for your aquarium or not?

Растения для аквариума нужны или нет?

Aquarium plants are another inhabitants of the aquarium. Their presence in the aquarium is essential. In addition to decorating the aquarium with their emerald greenery, they perform a number of other necessary functions such as:

Why do I need plants in my aquarium?

  1. Aquatic flora are directly involved in establishing and maintaining the biological balance in the aquarium.
  2. They absorb the carbon dioxide released by animals from the water.
  3. They release oxygen, enriching the water with it.
  4. Absorb some harmful substances that are products of fish life.
  5. Serve as supplemental food for some fish species.
  6. Can be a refuge for fry.
  7. Many fish lay eggs on the leaves and roots of plants.
Do you need plants for your aquarium or not?

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to decorate the aquarium with live plants. And, after all, the living beauty of underwater plants cannot be replaced by any artificial leaves and stems.

Is that algae?

It should be noted that most of the plants in indoor aquariums are not algae. Most often they are higher plants. They usually have roots, leaves, stems and flowers.

How do you select plants for an aquarium?

It is better to choose the them according to the fish you want to keep. In other words, the optimum temperature for the plants should not be too different from the temperature at which your fish feel good. It goes without saying that marine plants will not take root in a freshwater aquarium, and freshwater plants have nothing to do in a marine aquarium. It is best if you have already determined, with any of the themes of the aquarium. If, for example, it is an aquarium with underwater fauna from Central America, then and flora in your aquarium is desirable to select from the same area.

Do you need plants for your aquarium or not?

But since more often especially at beginners aquarists do not yet have a chosen favorite theme and they have a common aquarium then and plants, the same from different parts of the world. There is nothing wrong with this and you can very often see a common aquarium, very well tastefully decorated and with a perfectly established biological balance. It is only necessary to select plants and fish in such a way that their living conditions do not differ too much in the most important parameters, such as temperature, water hardness, acidity and salinity.

Recommended aquarium plants for beginners

Beginning aquarists can be recommended the following plants for a general aquarium:

  • common wallisneria
  • spiralleaf wallisneria
  • toothed elodea
  • pistillate
  • ludwigia
  • limestone
  • riccia

These plants are unpretentious, grow well and delight the eye with their emerald green.

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