Which aquarium to choose


Which aquarium to choose? For a beginner, this is far from a trivial question. It is desirable to understand it from the beginning. As has been said many times, and on this site including, aquariums today are characterized by great variety, and the choice of aquarium is determined primarily by your taste. But, nevertheless, it is advisable to take into account some recommendations.

Since these recommendations are important primarily for beginner aquarists, and the beginner aquarist is better oriented to the general aquarium, these recommendations are more suitable for choosing a general aquarium.

What kind of aquarium should I choose in terms of shape?

The most convenient in handling, care and observation of the inhabitants of the underwater world are rectangular aquariums, in which the height is approximately equal to the width, and the length is one and a half to two times the width. Such aquariums are sometimes called classic aquariums.

How much volume do you need?

When choosing your first aquarium should remember that the larger its volume, the easier and faster it will establish a biological balance. According to this novice aquarist is better to take an aquarium in the range of 30 – 50 liters. On the execution of aquariums can be all-glass, frame and glued from ordinary window glass or organic (Plexiglas). Aquariums made of organic glass look quite spectacular, but require an extremely careful attitude. Organic glass scratches very easily, and some of its batches become cloudy very quickly, causing a lot of disappointment.

Summary: Which aquarium to choose

For the novice aquarist, the best aquarium would be a

  • A rectangular aquarium that has a width approximately equal to the height and a length twice the width.
  • The aquarium should be plain glass.
  • The volume of the aquarium should be between 30 and 50 liters.

This is the kind of aquarium that is most convenient for your first steps in aquaristics.

P.s.: Everything written above is true, but not in the last instance. There are situations when you can’t even afford an aquarium of 30 liters. For example, in a student dorm room.

Which aquarium to choose

And so want to please the eye delighted wildlife, not gray walls of the dormitory, what then? It has been written many times that a small aquarium can serve as well as a large. In a ten-liter aquarium, for example, will feel great labyrinth fish (cockerels, macropods) Guppies although not reach 7cm in length, but will please your eye bright chintz color no worse than in a large aquarium. And even a three-liter jar in certain circumstances can become the best aquarium in the world.

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