Aquarium water

Вода для аквариума

Aquarium water is your pets’ habitat and it has a number of crucial indicators.

One of the most important indicators characterizing the suitability of your underwater world for certain fish species is the temperature. In order to regulate and maintain it within specified limits, so-called temperature controllers are required. These are usually electric heaters with a temperature sensor. In addition to water temperature is equally important its chemical composition. In freshwater aquariums used ordinary tap water. But pour into the aquarium water directly from the tap is not allowed. It should be given to stand in an enameled bowl for about two days. This is necessary to weatherize chlorine, which is still used to disinfect drinking water in many communities. If you have a new aquarium, you can let the water stand right in it. And only after 2-3 days to start decorating your aquarium – pour the soil, plant plants, start fish.

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