The Veiltail is native to Japan (Yokohama). In its homeland, it was only available to a select few. Then two pairs of this fish were presented to Rear Admiral Daniel Ammen of the United States Navy. And from there it spread all over the world.

Veiltail subspecies description

In my opinion, the Veiltail is the most beautiful of all goldfish breeds. Before continuing to talk about this breed I want to say that Veiltail and riukin is not the same! They are different fish! Although on a good half of the sites on the Internet with confidence in their own right we are informed that Veiltail is in parentheses riukin. It’s not! Someone once made a mistake or just did not fully understand, and the rest without thinking, reprinted.

So, vualekhvost – the name speaks for itself, the main decoration of this fish is a long veil-shaped tail. The tail is bifurcated, crossed, hanging down forming deep folds. Tail tissue is so thin that it is almost transparent. The tail can be five to six times the length of the body, the longer the better. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen one of these beauties. But the length of the tail fin, exceeding the length of the body in three – four times and see had to contain. Tail, forming folds and vibrating in time with the movements of the fish in the reflected sunlight, really shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow and all its shades. (True color (32bit) ) ) 🙂 .

Pectoral and pelvic fins also increased in length. The dorsal fin is at least ½ the height of the body. It is desirable that it should always have an upright position. The body is shortened, egg-shaped. Slightly flattened from the sides. The head is short, smoothly sloping into the body. Eyes are slightly enlarged compared to long-bodied forms of fish. The iris of the eyes is all colors except green. I have seen brown, red and with a bluish cast.

Difficulties of breeding

Now for the sad part. It is not by chance that many webmasters confuse vualekhvosta with riukin. To get real vualekhvosts clean line is very difficult and to maintain the line must keep them separately from other breeds of goldfish and when breeding to select the best specimens for their subsequent reproduction. Since the signs of the breed are fully manifested only in the 3rd-4th year of life, it is clear that keeping the breed is possible only either in the conditions of fish breeding plant. Or in cities where there are clubs aquarists able to track the fate of offspring and select among the fish contained in the aquarists amateurs the best specimens for spawning. As it is not bitter to recognize, Russian lines of vualekhvostov lost. Although recently there are encouraging reports, but so far they are too few.

Veiltail aquarium maintenance

To keep these wonderful fish, you need a large enough aquarium. You can also keep them in ponds in the summer. The length of the body can reach 10 centimeters. In aquarium conditions, as a rule, less. To the peculiarities of content can be attributed the need to protect the fish from damage to their luxurious tail. Stones with sharp edges and snags with needle-like knots in the aquarium should not be. Vualetails because of their main decoration is quite clumsy. Prone to obesity. Therefore, they should not be overfed. It is undesirable to contain them with fish prone to aggression, which can pluck at the clumsy vualekhvostov their luxurious fins. Otherwise, the conditions of maintenance and reproduction see in the article Goldfish.

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