Guppies are unpretentious fish

guppy male

Guppies are unpretentious fish. They are the easiest to keep and breed representatives of aquarium fish. Care for them is not difficult even for children, and their beautiful variegated coloring makes them truly irresistible representatives of their kind.

These fish are not distinguished by impressive sizes. So, the maximum length of the female reaches only about five centimeters, and adult males and less – only three centimeters. But the color of the male is very bright and very peculiar. His body is entirely covered with colored spots and strokes: gold, silver, red, blue, green – merging into a single pattern, they cover even the fins. Females do not have such bright colors. They have a gray, unsightly coloration with a single spot on the back of the abdomen.

Самки гуппи тоже быват с цветными хвостиками

These fish are probably the most unpretentious of their aquarium counterparts. They are able to live and reproduce even in the most cramped conditions. They are enough to have a container of 2-3 liters with a constant temperature of 21-28 degrees Celsius. Under such conditions, female guppies are able to reproduce throughout the year with intervals of three weeks.

The size of the female and the way she feeds determines the number of her offspring. A young female brings 11-15 fry, and at the peak of her size and age, the offspring will be about one hundred fry. The fry are 6-8 mm long, making them very agile from birth. If there are only guppies in the aquarium, the fry can not be planted, provided that they are few, there are thickets of plants and there is no shortage of food.

Guppies grow very quickly. Literally for 2-3 months, males become adults, with full color.

Guppies are unpretentious fish, but aquarium care is necessary

guppy peacock
порода – гуппи павлин

The aquarium in which these fish live must be cleaned and the water changed from time to time. How often you should clean depends on the size of the aquarium. The smaller the aquarium, the more often it should be cleaned. It is necessary to change at least one-third of the volume of water, on the tempered, with the same temperature. Obligatory must be present vegetation in the aquarium, it is necessary to fulfill the function of the filter. Also do not forget about the lighting of the aquarium. Ideally, the fish need half of the day to be in a bright room.

Guppies are omnivorous – both dry and natural food are suitable for them. Feeding once or twice a day will be sufficient.

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