Types of aquariums and aquarium equipment


Types of aquariums should be distinguished at least in a rough outline to determine which one you want in your home. Aquarium is a wonderful combination of fabulous fish and amazing beauty of algae. A wonderful interior decoration also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and allows you to please your children with an interesting pet.

However, it should be remembered that you can not fill the aquarium with a large number of different species of fish. They may not get along, or even start to attack each other. But this is not from excessive aggressiveness, but because of the need for different conditions.

If a person decides to have a home or office aquarium, it is necessary to preliminarily study the options of forms and types of aquariums, and a list of fish that will be comfortable in such conditions.

Types of aquariums

Decorative aquariums

are used for interior decoration and aesthetic enjoyment. Can do without a top cover, then due to less light supply algae will grow faster and higher, but on the fish can have a detrimental effect, then you have to choose priorities. Can serve as a geographical or species variant. In the first case, it should be populated with fish originating from one part of the world, in the second – as is clear from the name, contain fish of the same species.

Shared aquarium

allows you to enjoy a variety of fish and flora, you can also choose species that will live on different levels of the aquarium and will not interfere with each other. There is also a wide range of decorations and decorative details. For general aquariums, it is customary to choose calm and peaceful fish to avoid bloody massacres of one species over another.

Quarantine tank

Usually small in size, they are used for holding newly purchased fish to avoid infections and diseases in the environment of a large aquarium and to treat sick fish. Grounds and algae are not used in such aquariums, but a filter is a must.

Types of aquariums for spawning

is used for holding spawning fish and producing eggs. It consists of plexiglass, without the use of metal or plastic elements, which may release substances into the water that are contraindicated for spawning fish. The interior decoration depends on the fish species and their preferences.


helps to convert eggs into larvae and fry. Usually a small glass aquarium is used for this purpose, with parameters suitable for the particular species of fish being bred.

Types of aquariums Biotope aquariums

The aquarium is characterized by its internal filling. It replicates the natural environment familiar to the chosen fish species, e.g. the rocky bottom of a small lake or the sandy shore of a river.

Dutch types of aquariums

Dutch aquariums are underwater gardens, with an abundance of algae, colored fish and natural stones.

Types of aquariums by shape

Aquariums also vary in shape. They can be rectangular, round, triangular or with panoramic glass. The triangular one will have the highest viewing area, while the rectangular one will be versatile in choosing the location of the aquarium.

Additional equipment

For full-fledged operation of the aquarium and the use of a minimum of manual work, it is necessary to choose the right automatic equipment. It will help the owner to simplify the care of pets, and fish – comfortably and long to please the owner.


To begin with, you should choose the right lighting for the aquarium, according to the preferences of the fish living there, because direct sunlight makes the water cloudy and the glass is covered with greenish algae, which can harm the fish. You can use both simple lamps installed above the aquarium and special built-in aquarium systems.


aqua filtr
Внутренние аквариумные фильты

An aquarium filter will clean the water regularly to remove impurities, food residues or small nitrate particles that the water contains. Filters are external and internal, they are used depending on the size of the aquarium. If the aquarium is small, up to 200 liters, then an internal filter is used. For large aquariums of 300-500 liters, external filtration systems are preferred.


akvariumniy kompressor
акваиумный компрессор

A compressor is also necessary for the fish to live properly, it saturates the water with the oxygen they need. Without it, the aquarium will quickly turn into a swamp, and the fish will die from excess CO2. Compressor should be chosen based on the volume of the aquarium (it is better to take 10-20 liters larger to have a small reserve). Just like filters, compressors are external and internal. External ones look neater, and internal ones are quieter and will not disturb the household.


аквариумные обогреватели

An aquarium heater with temperature regulation function will be indispensable. After all, the most beautiful fish are brought from the tropics. And there the climate is much warmer and there are no sudden temperature fluctuations. Temperature regulator will help to save energy and prolong the life of the heater. It will monitor the heating of water to the desired temperature and then automatically turn off the heater. It will also automatically turn it on when the water cools down. The fish are comfortable and the owner does not have to run to check the temperature and flick the switch.

All of the above should be known before buying an aquarium in order to choose the best option for the appearance of the aquarium and the comfort of the fish. After all, their longevity, and the coziness and tranquility radiating from them directly depend on the amount of effort put into caring for these beautiful creatures.

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