Feed common trumpetfish


The common trumpetfish is very widely used by aquarists as live food. Its advantages include its low cost and the possibility of keeping it alive for several weeks.

If necessary, you can separate the smaller tubeworms from the larger ones by draining the top of the water when rinsing.

Small pipefish are excellent for feeding small fish such as neons or juvenile fish. If there is a need, trumpetfish can be cut into small pieces. But this type of live food has disadvantages, such as a large amount of fat and a small amount of vitamins. If you feed fish trumpet fish constantly, the fish may become obese, which will lead to infertility. Therefore, this food should be alternated with other foods. Pipefish lives in polluted water bodies, so freshly caught worms for feeding will not be suitable, you will have to keep them a few days in the water.

Where can I get common trumpetfish?

Pipefish is a brownish-reddish very thin worm, its length can reach 8 centimeters. Pipefish live in colonies in the muddy banks of water bodies at shallow depths. Shallow depth provides the worms good access to oxygen and provides protection from local fish.

For breathing tube worms use the rear end of the body protruding from the ground, which he makes oscillating movements. In places where these worms are concentrated, there is a feeling that the entire bottom is moving. But, as soon as there is danger, the tails of tube worms instantly disappear.

The front end of the body of the worm is always in the ground and is used by the tubeworm to feed on decomposed organic matter and various bacteria. For this reason, it is not recommended to feed freshly caught trumpet worms to fish. In places suitable for self-preparation of tubeworms, the bottom becomes red from the huge number of worms.

How do I store common trumpetfish?

At home, tubeworms are well stored in low containers with a thin layer of water (the worms should be covered with water completely). Place this container in a cool place, and rinse the worms at least twice a day. Wash worms so: in a container with tubeworms dial water, wait until the worms sink to the bottom, and drain everything that did not sink (dead tubeworms and miscellaneous debris). It should be reiterated that trubuchnik lives in dirty water, so feed this food aquarium fish can only after a week of exposure with regular rinsing. Only in this case, the intestines of the worms will be cleaned. With regular and proper rinsing, this food can be kept alive for several months.

It is generally believed that you should feed fish with this type of food with the help of a special feeder. But, even if you throw in the aquarium portion of worms, they are unlikely to have the opportunity to burrow in the soil. And those who still managed to burrow, the fish will gradually catch.

How do I buy pipe cleaner?

If you decide to buy this food in a pet store, you should pay attention to its appearance. Healthy tubeworms are red in color, elastic, the worms try to gather in a dense clump. Old worms darken, in a clump of tubeworms appear light veins (dead tubeworms). There is no point in buying old tubeworms, as they will quickly die and become unsuitable for feeding.

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