Choosing an aquarium What to consider?


Choosing an aquarium? There are a few things to consider before you buy an aquarium.

The choice of an aquarium and its purchase can be divided into two stages. The first stage can be called preparatory, when the basic parameters of the future home pond are thought over, the place where it will be located is chosen.

Since modern aquariums are equipped with covers with lights or lights separately, you do not have to think about the location in relation to the window. You can choose any free space where the aquarium will look good.

Choosing an aquarium Volume

The volume of the jar should be the maximum possible, but within reasonable limits. If there is room for an aquarium of 50 liters, it is not worth buying a 20-liter. The larger the volume, the easier it is to establish a biological balance in it, the less often there will be problems from overfeeding or overpopulation. In a small volume, the slightest wrong action will lead to water turbidity, poor health of fish and some other negative consequences. But also too large, for example, 300-liter aquarium for a beginner is not very suitable. For its maintenance will require quite a lot of effort. In addition, such a volume of water creates a significant load on the slabs. Their strength should be evaluated before making a purchase.

В этом аквариуме смогут жить не более 2 Гуппи Эндлера

Once you have decided on the type, shape, size and purpose of your aquarium, you can go to the store. Modern pet stores offer a wide range of aquariums from a variety of manufacturers. At present, frame variants are practically not found. Most of the models are glued. This means that the glass is directly connected using silicone sealant.

Assessing quality

When selecting such an aquarium, the seams and glass should be evaluated. The seams should have an even layer of sealant, not lagging, without defects or bubbles. The glass should be free of bubbles and irregularities. If there are doubts about the tightness, you can ask the store employees to check the aquarium. This will take some time, and sometimes you will have to pay extra for an additional service.

When choosing a round aquarium, you should also evaluate the quality of the glass. It must be bubble-free, of equal thickness, i.e. without any cracks. Check for cracks is quite simple: you need to tap on the walls with a pencil. If the sound is ringing, then the glass is not damaged. A rattling or muffled sound occurs in the presence of chips, cracks and other defects.

За этим аквариумом будет сложновато ухаживать

Careful selection will allow you to purchase a quality aquarium. Remember that the store must give a guarantee. Its terms vary depending on the manufacturer and the shape of the aquarium. No warranty is given for round models.

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