Choosing aquarium fish


Choosing aquarium fish from a variety of species. Want to have at home the most beautiful, but it is not always possible. What should be guided when choosing such pets? Let’s try to give some advice to those who are just going to choose what fish to keep in their indoor aquarium.

Choosing aquarium fish Freshwater or saltwater?

First, you need to decide whether the water in your aquarium will be fresh or salt water. From this will depend on freshwater or saltwater fish should be bought. Here it should immediately be noted that the marine aquarium is much more difficult to maintain and care than freshwater. Accordingly, its equipment and maintenance costs much more expensive than freshwater. At the same time, the variety of freshwater flora and fauna allows you to create an underwater world in the room is no less colorful and picturesque than in a marine aquarium. Now you can evaluate your financial possibilities and think about the size of the future home for your fish.

The most difficult thing to choose is the conditions of the fish themselves. After all, some fish require specific food. There are species that do not get along together – all this should be taken into consideration. Of course, if you buy fish in a good store, where you will give you answers to all the questions, it makes it easier.

Sources of information

But if you come to the market or buy a product on an advertisement, then you need a clear understanding of the characteristics of aquatic life and the conditions of their maintenance. Here in the first place will be the ability to search for information on the pressing issue. The main sources of knowledge today is the Internet sites and this one among others. Have not lost their value and traditional media – books. Try to find out about the fish you want to get as much as possible before problems arise. Perhaps your search will lead to the purchase of other equally beautiful, but perhaps not predatory fish. 🙂

Choose aquarium fish based on their eating habits. Consider whether you will be able to care for the fish. For example, if you get predators (piranhas, etc.), then because of the specific food (raw meat), the water will have to be changed more often. After all, the blood from the meat contaminates the water.

Also do not forget about aquatic plants. For example, Malawian cichlids are not suitable for a planted aquarium, as they dig the soil. Some species of fish eat certain plants, so you need to know who and what can eat. Otherwise, nibbled plants will spoil the aesthetics of your aquarium.

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