Goldfish care and tips for beginners


Goldfish care for it. A few tips for beginners aquarists who have become happy owners of these wonderful creatures.

Goldfish often appears as a gift, many people who have not previously had an aquarium. And for this first fish to live long, happy, healthy, active, it is necessary to follow the basic rules for novice aquarists on the care of goldfish.

Goldfish care Aquarium size

The aquarium should be large, because goldfish during their life grow and become large (up to 15cm) and they need enough space. It is believed that a comfortable volume for the life of goldfish is 50L. But experienced fish breeders suggest for a pair of goldfish to buy an aquarium for 100L. Then they will be enough volume and space.

The aquarium should have an active filter with oxygen enrichment in the water, as goldfish use oxygen dissolved in the water to breathe.


Coarse-grained soil on the bottom is ideal. The fine-grained soil should not be so that the fish cannot eat it. Also on the bottom of the aquarium should be planted a small number of aquatic plants with medium-sized leaves (vallisneria, goblet). Not superfluous will not be superfluous and floating plants (richchia, cassava).

Before transferring the goldfish to its new home (aquarium), it is necessary to prepare the water, that is, the biological balance should be established. You can start a few small fish or snails, so that they “settle” the aquarium for 2-3 days to a week.


Especially great attention should be paid to feeding goldfish. It can be flakes, which before eating fish, it is necessary to soak in aquarium water or special granular food. Goldfish eat and live food (moths, daphnia, earthworms), and vegetable (cassava, richchiya). You can also offer fish: nettle leaves, lettuce, cabbage, all this is scalded with boiling water and cut.

It should always be remembered that goldfish eat in excess. The correct portion is as follows: the food should be eaten by the fish for 3-5 minutes. Pick up this rate can be observed by observing it in the first feeding, giving food in small portions. Goldfish are fed several times a day.

При правильном уходе – разочарований не будет

The main environmental conditions for goldfish – the balance of acidity (pH = 7-8) and hardness (dH = 8-18) of water in the aquarium. Ammonium level (norm-0), nitrates (up to 40), water temperature up to +22 degrees Celsius. The height of the water column in the aquarium is not lower than 25cm.

Once a week a part of the water is changed, 20-25% of the total volume of the aquarium. So creates the appearance of flowing water in natural reservoirs, part is drained, part is poured. Full replacement of water can not be done can violate the biobalance.

Comfortable content and competent, constant care – that’s what goldfish need. This is a fascinating and interesting activity.

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