Aquarium fish Interesting facts


Aquarium fish interesting facts about the inhabitants of indoor aquariums, which may be of interest to their owners.

A pet is not necessarily about noise, yelling, screaming, shouting and the house being upside down. Some pets are very quiet, calm and can even act soothingly on their owner. We are talking about aquarium fish. Aquariums are chosen according to the wishes and possibilities of each person.

The world’s smallest aquarium measures 3 cm long by 1.5 cm wide. There are a couple of small fish, plants, sand and pebbles in this aquarium.

Это скорее пиар для привлечения публики, чем аквариум

If the size of your home allows, the aquarium can be as large as you wish, but do not forget that let the fish and quiet, they require special and careful care. Some species are very demanding and fastidious.

офисный аквариум

In offices, it is more common to breed such creatures one or a couple in a small round or rectangular aquarium. Most often these are “goldfish”. In such aquariums, there is not even sand, stones plants and other decorative elements. Just water, aquarium and fish.

It is best to use stones rather than sand for the bottom of the aquarium. With each cleaning of the aquarium, a small proportion of sand will be lost.

Some species of fish do not get along with each other at all and engage in mortal combat. If you do not know which species of fish are in conflict, it is best to consult with knowledgeable people or look for information in books, magazines, official websites dedicated to this topic.

Looking at the smooth movements of the fish in the aquarium calms the nerves. This picture is relaxing.

Aquarium fish interesting facts and more

Fish are underwater creatures, but they also need oxygen. An aerator (device for supplying air to the aquarium) must be switched on at all times in the aquarium.

лягушка в аквариуме

It is better to use real plants for the aquarium rather than artificial ones. This will look more beautiful and be healthier for its inhabitants.

Together with fish, various snails, frogs, and amphibians can live in the aquarium.

The aquarium must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

11 Do not overfeed the fish. They can die from it, and only one overfeeding is enough.

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