How to install aquarium correctly

Как правильно установить аквариум

How to install the aquarium correctly? It seems like a simple question, but there are variations. Placement of the aquarium in the room is no less important than the choice of the aquarium itself and its inhabitants. It would seem that it is best to put the aquarium closer to the light on the windowsill. And many novice aquarists do so and make this grave mistake.

The window is subject to the greatest fluctuations in temperature and light, both during the day and throughout the year. As a result, the water in the aquarium either cools down, causing colds in the fish, or overheats, losing oxygen and becoming a suffocating torture chamber for the fish.

From excessive light, the water in the aquarium can bloom and its walls will be covered with algae and this is also not a pleasure for the hapless aquarist. In addition, aquarium fish look much more attractive in reflected light than in the passing light.

The best location for the aquarium is along one of the walls perpendicular to the wall with a window or near the wall opposite the window.

The aquarium should preferably be located at the eye level of a sitting or standing person.

The aquarium must be mounted on a solid, horizontal base. For larger aquariums, special bollards are assembled, in which auxiliary equipment is usually located.

Small aquariums can be installed on existing furniture. On a desk, on the shelf of a chifonier. It is desirable only to think about the moments associated with the care of the aquarium. Your artificial water body should be easily accessible.

A piece of soft foam or foam rubber cut to the shape of the aquarium bottom (usually included with a new aquarium) should be placed under the bottom of the aquarium. This will reduce the stress on the bottom of the aquarium and prevent possible cracking.

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