Funny fish cockerels


Funny fish cockerels are unpretentious in every sense of the word. They will take root in water that is not too clean, and they prefer any kind of food.

Many people dream of having beautiful fish, but few people want to buy additional equipment, compressors, aerators and so on. Too complicated it seems. Your attention fish that breathes atmospheric air, so you do not need a compressor.

We’re talking about fighting rooster fish. They breed it for beauty. There may be problems with breeding, but if you are not a breeder, you should not care.

Fish are unpretentious in every sense of the word. They will not take root in too clean water, and they prefer any food. Nevertheless, fish like warm (24-28 degrees) water. Live food should be a priority, but you can give and frozen moths. But overfeeding fish can not be, it can be disastrous for them. Fish like daylight, so the aquarium is recommended to install in a lighted room. In addition, cockerels are big brawlers.

красный петушок

If you don’t want other fish to be affected by the cockerel’s zany personality, you can hang a mirror in the aquarium. In this case, your pet will fight with itself. Everything is safe and interesting.

Are you ready to get yourself this funny fish cockerels?

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