Clean the aquarium properly

Clean the aquarium properly

Cleaning the aquarium properly. And if we don’t? Maybe too often? Or on the contrary, too rarely? Something undone or do something unnecessary? Let’s get to the bottom of this 😉

An amazing underwater world appears before us in an aquarium. But if we do not clean the aquarium properly, this beauty will fade very quickly. There are always those who want to watch the fish. To contemplate the inhabitants of the aquarium pleasing to the eye it must be kept clean.

Getting ready to clean your aquarium

Stock up on the necessary cleaning products. This is important. The main condition that must be observed: all materials to be used for cleaning must be new. Household chemicals should not be used. Stock up on a glass scraper. You can take a dishwashing sponge (only a new one). You will need a blade or office knife, a brush to take care of aquatic plants, a siphon to clean the bottom of the aquarium. Prepare a 10-liter bucket to drain the old water, and fresh water. If everything is ready, you can start cleaning.

How to clean an aquarium

How to clean an aquarium correctly? Preparing for cleaning begins with the fact that the fish are not fed 2-3 hours before the procedure. Remove filters and compressors from the aquarium, turning them off beforehand. Equipment from the aquarium should be rinsed with water, without using any detergents. Before you fill it with clean water, it is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning. Usually start with the walls of the aquarium. The green scum should be removed with a scraper or sponge. The plaque should be removed carefully so as not to scratch the glass. Otherwise, small particles may remain at the bottom and damage the fish. If you use a sponge, rinse it under running water after cleaning. Some species of fish and snails can also clean the glass, but it will not be a complete cleaning of the aquarium.

How to clean the bottom of an aquarium

We do not clean an aquarium properly if we forget its bottom. To clean the bottom, drain about a third of the contents from the aquarium. It is important to completely clean the bottom from food residue and fish secretions. First you need to make sure that the bottom needs to be cleaned. To do this, you can gently turn the soil. If bubbles appeared, cleaning of the aquarium and the bottom is necessary. You will need a nozzle with a flexible hose for this.

It is gently, slightly pressed, driven along the bottom. The impurities are drained through a hose into a prepared bucket. Often the plant roots are damaged when cleaning the bottom. Therefore, all procedures should be carried out carefully and cautiously.

Cleaning the plants

Cleaning the aquarium also includes cleaning the plants. Of course, the inhabitants of the aquarium clean the leaves of the plants and algae. But algae are also susceptible to disease and rotting, so dead or diseased parts need to remove themselves. In order not to disturb the fish and not to scare them sharp movements, slowly and gently cut off the damaged leaves, remove them from the aquarium.

How to clean the filter

The filter sponge should not be washed with tap water. It is done with water from the aquarium. The filter is full of beneficial bacteria. If it is washed under running water, they can be destroyed. Once a month the filter is washed thoroughly: the entire mechanism must be disassembled and completely washed and the rotor and blades cleaned.

Clean the decor

To make the aquarium shine clean and pleasing to the eye, you should also take care of the cleanliness of the decorations. The decorations are removed from the aquarium and washed under running water with a sponge or brush. Help keep the aquarium decor clean and fish – algae eaters. However, if the algae are growing too fast or if their appearance arouses suspicion (e.g. brown or dark blobs), you should be vigilant. There is a possibility that the aquarium has a disease.

The aquarium can also be cleaned with special treatment agents. You can buy them in specialized stores. Read the instructions before using them.

When washing jewelry, cleaning agents are not used. But, if you cannot wash them completely, you can soak the jewelry in bleach for about 10 minutes. Then scald it with boiling water and dry it thoroughly. After making sure that the decor is completely dry, you can put it back in the aquarium.

What kind of water to put in an aquarium

Only clean, clear, settled water is necessary for aquariums. You need to know what kind of fish you have, and what water is suitable for them. For example, some fish do not fit the water, standing for 24 hours. Usually the water is poured into a container in advance and kept for several days. After 2-3 days of sedimentation it becomes suitable for use. The water in the aquarium should not be changed too often. It is better to refill it little by little, as it evaporates.

Some species of fish do not tolerate frequent water changes, so keep a close eye on your fish. Wait a while before starting the aquarium after cleaning. The water will be clean and clear. You can, of course, use water purification products, but it is better not to use them.

Further Information

How often should an aquarium be cleaned? This depends on the species of fish that inhabit it. Some species need to be cleaned weekly, while some are sufficient once a month. General cleaning is done no more than once a year. Fish do not like to be disturbed too often.

Clean the aquarium only with clean materials and clean hands.

After cleaning is finished, leave a space between the water and the lid. This will ensure free movement of air.

If the general cleaning of the aquarium is done correctly, the fish and the aquarium will delight the eye with their activity. Now that we have observed all the main points we can safely say that we clean the aquarium properly.

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