World of the Aquarium

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Hello, dear visitor!

We are glad to see you on our website dedicated to aquarium keeping. Currently, the website consists of the following sections:

  1. Aquarium Fish: This section focuses on aquarium fish that are most suitable for keeping in home aquariums.
  2. Aquarium Plants: Here you will find descriptions and recommendations for growing both popular and more exotic aquatic plants. They often transform a simple tank of water into a mesmerizing work of art.
  3. Aquarium Equipment: In this section, you will find advice on choosing and descriptions of various technical devices that facilitate the care of aquarium fish.
  4. Habitat: These pages are dedicated to creating optimal physical and chemical properties of water and maintaining them within the specified limits.
  5. Feeding: This section covers topics related to feeding aquarium fish.
  6. Vet Aid: Diseases of aquarium fish. We hesitated for a long time before creating this section. It was due to the understanding of the difficulties in diagnosis and prescribing adequate treatment. Offline consultation with a specialist is always optimal and a priority. However, the large number of questions on this topic prompted us to create this section, which we hope will somewhat satisfy your thirst for information. We want to emphasize that even if you read millions of articles on the internet about diseases, you will not become a veterinarian or a doctor. However, we hope that this section will help you recognize the moment when something is wrong with your pet and when specialist assistance is necessary.
  7. For Beginners: This section includes articles with recommendations for beginner aquarium keepers.
  8. DIY Enthusiast: DIY aquarium equipment.

A lyrical digression about advertising:

We understand the irritation of some of our visitors caused by the presence and content of certain advertising blocks. It annoys us as well at times. For example, the ad on the website dedicated to aquarium fish care with a text question, “Choosing cat food?” provoked a special “delight” 🙂 But what can we do? Advertising is distributed by advertising agency algorithms, and like many other things created by humans, they are imperfect. However, the website survives only thanks to advertising, and it is because of advertising that all the materials on the website are free for you. Therefore, we hope for your tolerance and understanding in our attempts to improve the conversion of this resource.

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