Echinodorus vesuvius

Эхинодорус Везувий

Echinodorus vesuvius appeared behind the glass of our aquariums quite recently, namely in 2007. This species is still a rarity in the underwater gardens of aquarists in the former Soviet Union. However, its decorative properties make it desirable in every aquarium household. And the simplicity of maintenance allows you to recommend it even to beginners. Its emerald narrow narrow spirally twisted leaves really resemble rising streams of smoke over the vent of the volcano of the same name, thanks to which the species got its name.

biological kingdomPlants
Biological DivisionCovered seeds
biological classAnnuals
biological orderPassionflowers
biological FamilyChastukhovs
biological genusEchinodorus
biological speciesEchinodorus Vesuvius

Habitat.: This plant does not exist in nature. It is a mutant form obtained from the Oriental Aquarium Plants nursery in Singapore. Echinodorus vesuvius is a mutation of Echinodorus angustifoli.

Echinodorus vesuvius Description

Echinodorus vesuvius is a compact, relatively low species. It is a rosette of narrow, strongly corkscrewed leaves. The height of the bush is from seven to fifteen centimeters. Sometimes under favorable conditions it can bloom. Flowers are small with white petals on a long stem.

Echinodorus vesuvius Contents

The maintenance is not difficult, but if simple rules of its maintenance are not observed, the spiral of its leaves can straighten. Sometimes unwinding of the leaves occurs even with good maintenance. This is most likely due to the fault of the producer, who did not sufficiently fix the mutation through reseeding with seeds. And as a consequence, the mutant form returns phenotypically to its non-mutated ancestor Echinodorus angustifoli (Ech. narrow-leaved).

Эхинодорус Везувий
Закрученные в штопор листья

Aquarium volume

Echinodorus vesuvius is suitable for decorating indoor ponds of various sizes. In large containers, it can be used in the middle or foreground. And it will look good as a single plant, as well as forming a bunchy thicket. In small containers, it can be planted along the side and back windows to create an openwork emerald background.


The soil is suitable for any of the commonly used in aquariums – gray river sand, small pebbles, granite crumbs. Most likely, it will feel good even in the earthworm. The soil should be well silted. If you plant the plant in new soil, do not forget to put a lump of clay mixed with ground charcoal or boiled peat at the bottom of the hole. Before planting, it is desirable to trim the roots carefully with scissors for a couple of centimeters. This procedure promotes faster rooting.

Эхинодорус Везувий
Кучерявые заросли

Water parameters

Echinodorus vesuvius is heat-loving. Its temperature range is from 22 to 28 degrees Celsius. Water hardness should be within 8 to 12 °dH. That is, ordinary tap water, steadied for two days, he is quite suitable. pH- 7.


Echinodorus vesuvius likes bright light. It can even serve as an indicator of a lack of light to a certain extent. If its leaves elongate and begin to straighten, then you should increase the illumination of your underwater garden. The total power of LB daylight lamps is desirable from 0.5 to 0.7 W/l.

Эхинодорус Везувий
Одиночный кустик тоже симпатично смотриться

Aeration and filtration this species does not need and their presence and volume are determined by the needs of other aquarium inhabitants.

Echinodorus vesuvius Compatibility

Since Echinodorus vesuvius is light-loving, it should not be placed in the shade of other plants or under thickets of species floating on the surface of the water.

Nutrition: Additional feeding is not necessary. The nutrients that enter the aquarium by feeding the fish and changing one fifth of the water every week are quite sufficient.

Echinodorus vesuvius Breeding

Propagates by root shoots. Under favorable conditions, it can quickly form lush thickets. By weeding these thickets from time to time, you get valuable planting material. Do not forget to share it with your fellow aquarists. After all, this plant is still rare here.

Эхинодорус Везувий

Echinodorus vesuvius is a very decorative plant. Its corkscrew thin leaves look very unusual in any aquarium. Properly positioned bush can visually give the aquarium additional volume and height. Have fun with your design solutions.

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