Malabar danio

Данио малабарский

Malabar danio aquarium fish is a representative of the genus Danyo. This is the largest representative of the genus, which is massively contained in aquariums. Like other representatives of the genus danio is very beautiful and mobile. His behavior can be watched for hours.

Coloring brightly glistening in the sunlight with rapid movements something like Brachydanio rerio, but there are its own features. Aquarium fish danio Malabar is not fastidious and although it requires a relatively large container for its content. Can please both beginners and experienced amateurs of their endless game and features of behavior. Knowing which you can watch them without leaving for a long time.

Peaceful disposition and unpretentiousness allow you to keep them with many other species. In breeding this species of danio is relatively simple, although it has some secrets. Danio Malabar will enliven any underwater landscape.

classRadial fish
speciesMalabar danio

Latin name: Danio malabaricus

Described by Jerdon in 1849.

Synonyms: Danio malabaricus, Perilampus aurolineatus, Perilampus canarensis, Perilampus ceylonensis, Perilampus malabaricus, Perilampus mysoricus

Habitat.: In the wild it inhabits the island of Ceylon and the rivers of the west coast of anterior India.

Malabar danio description

This is a rather large representative of the genus danio in our aquariums. In nature, it can reach 15 centimeters in length. In aquarium conditions, its size rarely exceeds ten centimeters. The body, strongly flattened from the sides, is tall. The olive-colored back of the body is silvery. Along the body go two blue broad stripes behind the gill covers form a lacy pattern. Pectoral and dorsal fin blue. The ventral, anal and caudal fins are pinkish.

Данио малабарский
Данио малабарский

In nature, danio is kept in flocks of 7 to 10 individuals. Held mainly in the upper layers. Food is more willing to take from the water column or from its surface. Sexual maturity reaches maturity at the age of 8 – 10 months. Aquarium fish danio Malabar Malabar resistant to disease and under normal conditions of content rarely get sick.

Различия полов

The female has a more rounded abdomen and her anal pelvic and caudal fins are less intensely colored.

Malabar danio maintenance in the aquarium

For a flock of 10 representatives, a 100-liter tank is desirable. Length of at least 70 centimeters and height up to 30 centimeters. Water parameters for content 21 – 23 ° C. Hardness up to 20 °dH. However, it is better that this parameter is about 10 °dH. pH – 7.

It is better to cover the bottom with dark-colored soil. River sand, small pebbles, granite crumbs are suitable. Of plants can be used vallisneria, cattail, cryptocoryne, elodea. It is desirable to plant them along the rear and side walls leaving free, space for swimming at the front glass.

Malabar danio

The aquarium should be equipped with a lid or at least covered with glass, as the fish are quite fearful and at the slightest push can jump out. Light bright overhead. It is better to use daylight lamps LB.

Violation of appetite danio does not suffer. Aquarium fish danio Malabar eat any kind of live food (moths, trumpet, daphnia). Dry fodder is also not indifferent.

Keep can be kept with other peace-loving mobile fish (barb, swordfish, brachydanio rerio).

Danio malabar breeding

A week before spawning, two males and one female are separated and kept separately. At this time, they should be fed abundantly. At the same time with the seeding of producers should be poured into the spawning tank fresh tap water. It should stand for about seven days. As a spawning tank is better to use a vessel of 50 to 100 liters. Since the female lays up to two thousand eggs. Such a number of fry will be easier to keep in a large aquarium.

After the water is drained on the bottom of the spawning ground laid or separator net or densely covered with small-leaved plants pressing them clean washed stones. Temperature 25 -28 ° C. Hardness up to 10 °dH. pH – 7. Be sure to provide several points of aeration. Eggs and fry are very demanding to the oxygen content.

Данио малабарский
Данио малабарский

In the prepared spawning ground in the evening put two males and one female. In the morning, when the spawning ground is illuminated by sunlight. The males will chase the female. Which will throw eggs. In a few hours she will lay up to two thousand eggs.

После нереста

If the race did not occur in the first day. Producers can be kept in the spawning tank for another day, feeding them abundantly. After the completion of spawning producers must be removed, so that they do not eat the eggs. Stones pressing the grass to the bottom can be removed. Plants will float and eggs will remain on the bottom.

Half of the water should be replaced with fresh water of the same composition and temperature. It is desirable to add disinfectants to the water. Methylene blue to a pale blue shade or Rivanol at the rate of 1.5 mg per 1 liter.

Incubation lasts up to three days. Then larvae appear, which are attached to the glass with the help of secretion secreted by skin glands. After about 5 -7 days, the fry swim. Starter lump for them infusoria and nauplii crustaceans. As they grow, they are transferred to larger feed and planted in different containers to avoid overpopulation.

Additional information

It is interesting to observe the strictly expressed hierarchy of the flock. In the center of the flock is often the strongest male. He also has the most horizontal position. As you move away from the center of the pack are weaker individuals. They swim at a greater angle to the horizon. The weaker the weaker, the lower the tail is lowered. It is believed that this distinctive behavior is monitored by the pack leader. If the strongest male is removed all members of the pack swim horizontally. Such a hierarchy in aquarium conditions is not always traced.

Here we are acquainted with another inhabitant of the underwater spaces of our planet, which can be kept in an aquarium and observe the features of his behavior. In addition, an aquarium with these fish beautifully decorated can be a great decoration of any interior. And these moving fish will attract attention, and please the eye.

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