Cockerel fish or fighting fish. Living in an aquarium

Рыбки-петушки и их болезни

The first fish in the aquarium can be a novice cockerel fish. This species is unpretentious in food and care.

Cockerel fish brief description

One of the brightest representatives of aquarium fish is considered cockerel fish, or as it is also called by aquarists, fighting fish. The second name has a place in Thailand, where there are special tournaments among the fish. Before the start of competitions are taken bets, often for very large sums.

Cockerel fish are often found in the aquarium and amateurs, and professionals. It differs from its brethren perky, cocky temper, unusually beautiful and bright coloration. When in a negative mood and during the breeding season, it changes color to a more intense. Throughout the body are faintly visible stripes. The male is larger than the female, but not longer than 10 centimeters. Unfriendly to other representatives of fish living in the neighborhood. Better when he lives among their own, or with larger species.

In both cases, it is better if the cockerel from the fry age is kept with its neighbors. Then the chances of a peaceful coexistence somewhat increased. You can sometimes put the fighting fish in an aquarium with other larger fish. Perhaps all will end in peace. But in the habitat rooster territory to put up other fish is extremely undesirable. He is sure to live up to his name. At best the case will be limited to ragged fins, which is also unfortunate. At worst the case could end in the death of an uninvited neighbor. Therefore, settling cockerels with other fish should always monitor their relationship and at the first sign of aggression to segregate the fish.

In their homeland cockerels are kept in small containers of 0.5 to 1 liter. Decorative properties of such an aquarium is difficult enough. But appeared small volume aquariums powered by USB, in my opinion, ideal for the maintenance of these bullies.

Differences between aquarium species and wild species

Roosters are divided into several subspecies. The characteristic differences are the varieties of tails and fins. Tails can be oval, round, oblong, growing in the form of brushes and even crowns. The body has a monochrome or colorful. Each representative has its own unique shape and coloring.

Wild cockerel differs in everything from the aquarium congener. The color of such fish is faded, usually greenish, fins are small and do not please the eye with their appearance. In nature, the cockerel is a real fighter. In the aquarium pet character remained the same explosive, but due to external changes, he is forced to be calmer. His long delicate fins are not made for fighting. With quality housing, the cockerel lives in an aquarium for up to three years.

Peculiarities of care for cockerel fish

Cockerel likes heat, the optimum temperature in the aquarium is not below 24 degrees, because this fish comes from hot countries. Breathes atmospheric air, so you can not close access to the water surface. The area for one individual is about four liters of water. The main condition for the care of the aquarium, in which the cockerel is placed, is clean and fresh water. A variety of algae should be present, while leaving room for movement. The pet is not picky about the composition of the water, but for their own peace of mind it is better when the filter is present, this is the key to the health of any aquarium fish.

He has an uncomplicated attitude to food. Eats dry, frozen and fresh food. Will not refuse a treat in the form of moths. Excess food will lead to health problems pet. The ideal amount of food per meal is measured by the amount of time spent eating it, with about 15 to 20 minutes. Remaining food after feeding is removed from the surface of the water. The cockerel eats twice during the day.

Breeding in a cockerel tank

Before the breeding process begins, it is necessary to improve the nutrition of the female. It is best to use a moth. This will give the fish energy. Pair planted alternately in a pre-washed aquarium. First start the female, she needs to be alone to adapt to the new space. Once she begins to behave calmly, run the male. To spawn fish look for a secluded place at the bottom of the aquarium. As a rule, she chooses a cozy and inaccessible corner. In a period of sexual tension, the male behaves very aggressively and inadequately in relation to the partner. Not isolated cases of attacks and injuries.

Cockerel fish or fighting fish. Living in an aquarium

The male builds a nest of air bubbles for the eggs. After fertilization of eggs care for offspring takes the male, not allowing fish mother to care. The female must be removed from the spawning ground after spawning. Once the fry are born, they must be isolated and the “father”, in order to avoid injury and other troubles.

After a week, the fry have black eyes and a transparent long body is outlined. By the first month of life a clearer coloration appears. Small cockerels are moved from the larger ones into another container. Thus the entire offspring is preserved, otherwise larger siblings will eat smaller and weaker fish.

The most common diseases

The fin of the cockerel is not only beautiful, but also very delicate. It is the most vulnerable place in the fish. Festering leads to the sinking of the tail. Treatment not begun in time will lead to the fall off of the tail and fins, and to the imminent death of the pet. To avoid such situations, should pay special attention to the newly acquired fish. Newcomers should not be immediately put in a common aquarium. They should be placed separately for a certain period of time. Once all precautions have been met, the fish can be moved into the general aquarium.

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