Comet fish

Золотая рыбка комета

The Comet fish is one of the earliest breeding forms of Goldfish. Some authors indicate that this breed of Goldfish was obtained in America in the 1800’s. Other authors indicate that these fish were imported to America around the same time from Japan.

I have not yet been able to find more precise data. It seems more likely that the comet was brought to America from Japan.

рыбка комета

Comet fish description

This breed of goldfish is characterized by an oblong body with a slightly raised back in front of the dorsal fin. A distinctive feature of this variety of goldfish is a long tail, which should have a length of at least three quarters of the body. Zolotnitsky points out that he has seen fish of this breed, in which the tail exceeds the length of the body three to four times. The tail is not bifurcated. Has two rays, forming a kind of fork. Pectoral and pelvic fins as often can be elongated. They hang in the form of peculiar ribbons.

The body of this species of fish should be flat and elongated. Forms with a rounded abdomen are considered a sign of degeneration of the breed, although some ichthyologists allocate such fish in a separate breed. An important role for the value of the fish has its coloring. The most valuable are considered specimens in which the color of the body and tail fins are different. Thus, in China, the greatest value is possessed by individuals whose body has a silver color, and fins have lemon-yellow or bright red color.

Comet keeping in aquarium

The body length of an adult comet is about 18 centimeters. This size makes it more suitable for keeping in ponds than in an aquarium. Nevertheless, in an aquarium of 100 liters is quite possible to keep a couple of adult fish. When increasing the volume of the aquarium can increase the density of the population. So in a 200-liter aquarium can keep up to 6 fish.

Fish Comet resembles space travelers not only the size of the tail, but also rapid movements. Comet is much more agile than goldfish and a little scarier. Because of what can sometimes jump out of the aquarium, so the aquarium with the comet is desirable to provide a lid or at least cover the glass.

Otherwise, the maintenance, feeding and breeding of Comet is not much different from Goldfish.

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