Aquarium fish guppies – care and maintenance


Aquarium fish guppies are a representative of the pecilian family. Native to Central and South America, inhabits brackish and fresh water bodies. As a result of acclimatization has spread to all continents.

Species Description

Guppies – small fish, males up to 2cm, females – 5cm. Female gray with a dark spot near the anal fin. But the males – handsome. Small slender body covered with colored spots. Green, blue, red, yellow spots, dashes and dots create a unique pattern. And each male has his own. A diverse form of fins complements the image of the male beauty. Dorsal fin in one male – triangular, in another – round, and in the third – in the form of the thinnest ribbon. For the beauty, as well as not capricious and undemanding character, high fecundity of these fish like and experienced aquarists and beginners.

самцы гуппи поражают разнообразием форм и окрасок

Selecting an aquarium for guppies should be taken into account that it is better if one fish will have 3 liters of water. After all, the larger the aquarium, the more stable biological balance in it. In the aquarium should be as secluded corners, planted with plants, where you can hide from the attention of congeners, and open spaces for swimming and mating bouts of males. The ground is better to use dark colors, then the males, with their variety of colors and shapes of fins, will look more spectacular.

варианты расцветок…

Guppies feel comfortable under the following conditions: water temperature 24 degrees, although allowed to fluctuate between 20 and 28 degrees, water hardness 6-10. The presence of an internal filter is desirable, it is either a filter with dolomite gravel, or a filter with a sponge. Both are good at cleaning the water of the aquarium. Weekly change of one third of the water volume to clean and tempered water is also welcome. When changing the water should clean the bottom of the aquarium with a siphon from food residues and excrement.

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Aquarium fish guppies What to feed?

Guppies are omnivorous. Eat dry and live (cyclops, trumpet fish, daphnia, moths) food, but do not overfeed them. Adults are fed twice a day portion, which fish eat in 5 minutes. Remains of food removed from the aquarium with a siphon or a small net with a large mesh. Since overeating and sour food can cause the development of disease. But starvation in a few days is not reflected in the behavior of guppies. In such “unloading” days guppies can themselves well clean the aquarium. Although keep them constantly on a starvation ration is also not worth it.

самочка и самец


When the aquarium is planted with small-leaved algae, and the water temperature is maintained within 21-29 degrees Celsius, and the fish are often fed cyclops and moths – offspring can be obtained from guppies all year round every one and a half to two months. Guppies viviparous fish. The number of fry in young females 10-12, and adults up to 100 and more. Just born fry are nimble, begin to swim immediately, looking for and eating small cyclops and infusoria.

If the aquarium contains only guppies, they are few, and they receive regular food, the babies are not removed from their parents. It should only take care of the presence of thickets of plants that will serve as a shelter for babies from more adult relatives. But from the aquarium with different fish female guppies, preparing for childbirth should be transferred to another container, with a water temperature slightly higher than the aquarium, about two degrees. Spawning ground should be densely planted with small-leaved plants. The female, marking the fry, return to the aquarium, and the babies remain in the jar for 15-20 days until they grow up.

Grow guppies quickly under comfortable conditions and live food rich in protein, by 3 months they become adults.

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