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Molly fry appear periodically in the aquarium, even without effort and time on this part of the aquarist. Of course, you want to keep and grow as many of these little charming creatures as possible. Today we will talk about how to create the best conditions for mollinezia fry, to grow them as possible with the least losses.

In one of the previous articles, we have already talked about how to achieve the best results when breeding mollinesia. Today we will pay more attention to the resulting offspring.

If the fry mollinesia appeared in the general aquarium because you did not follow the moment when it was necessary to remove the female in the spawning tank, then your omission should be urgently corrected.

In a common aquarium baby molinesia will not refuse to dine very many neighbors.

If you have not prepared a spawning ground, you will have to use an ordinary 3-liter bottle. It should be cleaned and rinsed with a small amount of water from the same aquarium where the spawning took place. Then you need to fill the bottle with water from the same aquarium where the fry are and carefully fished them into this bottle with a net.

After you have dealt with the emergency situation – your molly fry are safe, you still need to prepare the fry tank.

Molly fry in a nursery tank.

At the initial stage of development is quite sufficient aquarium volume of 10 liters. If the size of the general aquarium allows, then initially the growing aquarium is also desirable to fill with water from it to avoid sharp fluctuations in acidity, hardness, salinity, water temperature. Growing aquarium must necessarily be equipped with a heater with thermostat. Atomizer air from the compressor. It is desirable to have in it floating plants or rooting planted in pots. Pour on the bottom of the spawning aquarium thick layer of soil should not be. Any spawning aquarium, and growing tank should be observed in perfect cleanliness. And for such fish as small mollinesia velifera especially.

мальки моллинезии в банке
Мальки в банке

The water temperature can be raised by 2 degrees compared to what was in the general aquarium. But this should be done only after you put in the aquarium of your fry caught from the general aquarium. I hope you have coped in time with force majeure situation (unexpectedly and unexpectedly, as a snow on his head appeared fry. What to do with them no one knows). Now you can quietly read how it should be ideally.

When the female molinesia increases abdomen and takes a somewhat square shape – this should be a signal to you that before the marking of fry is only a few days, and it’s time to begin to equip the spawning tank where you could drop off the female preparing for childbirth. Also about the proximity of labor can speak “spot maturity” which becomes very dark and enlarged. It is located near the anal fin. Observe the condition of females is better before feeding to not confuse with pregnant just overeating female.

Is a spawning tank always necessary?

On how to prepare the spawning tank read above it is no different from the growing tank for just appeared fry. A few words should be said about molinesia velifera. Many aquarists point out that molinesia velifera do not eat their offspring. But if you decide to leave the molly fry in the species aquarium, it should be planted with a large number of small-leaved plants both below and above. On the surface of the water should be let a certain amount of cassava or richchia.

I would still recommend even for velifera to organize a separate spawning tank. Equipped it exactly the same as described above. The only thing to consider is that for such a large fish as mollinesia velifera spawning tank should be at least 30 liters. In addition, transplant female mollinesia velifera need very carefully in an aquarium with the same chemical-physical parameters of water as in the aquarium in which it was contained before spawning.

Do not raise the temperature as often as recommended for livebearers to stimulate spawning. Excessively high temperature can provoke the birth of premature fry. Birth of premature fry mollinesia velifera can provoke even the very transfer from one aquarium to another. Therefore, you need to transplant it with the greatest care trying to cause her as little trouble as possible. If still happens premature marking of fry and born premature fry with yolk sac, you can try to give them a chance to mature in a growing aquarium.

When to start feeding?

плавающие травы приветствуются

Start feeding the mollinezia fry only after they have assumed a horizontal position and swim. Equipping the spawning aquarium your worries about mollinesia fry do not end. The fact that they are very demanding to the purity of water. Much more demanding than adults. They are very quickly poisoned by the products of adult fish, snails and other aquatic organisms. Therefore, experienced aquarists – breeders mollinesia change the aquarium with fry almost every day up to 90% of the water. In this new water poured into the spawning vessel should be tempered, fresh, have the same hardness, acidity, salinity and temperature what were in the spawning tank before. This is especially true again mollinesia velifera.

Less demanding to the conditions of maintenance molinesia latipina and molinesia sphenops. However, they will also refuse to live in a swamp.

Filtration and aeration of the aquarium with molly fry

Filters in the spawning and nursery aquarium will reduce the degree of water pollution by waste products. However, they do not completely eliminate the need to replace part of the water with fresh water.

The compressor must produce a very small flow of fine bubbles. In no case should the water emulsion of air bubbles be allowed to form. Such emulsion is destructive not only for fry, but also for adult fish. Its formation can be determined by the presence of air bubbles on the aquarium glass. Such a water emulsion is present in the water poured into the glass from the tap.

To have an idea of what I’m talking about do not be lazy go to the kitchen. Take a clear glass beaker. Pour water from the faucet into it and let it stand for a few minutes. You will see the walls of the glass covered with air bubbles. This is a consequence of the release of gases, which are enriched in tap water that has passed through the purification units at the water intake station.

Fry mollinesia in compliance with the above conditions have a fairly good chance of growing strong healthy beautiful fish. Now it remains to take care of feeding.

Feeding molly fry

Commonly known and recognized food for newborn fish are slipper infusoria. They can be fed to mollinesia fry for the first few days. In the old literature indicates that the fry mollinesia can be fed even on sourdough with which whey is decanted. Also can be foraged by the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. It should only be remembered that these types of feed very strongly pollute the water. Therefore, the feed should be thrown so much that the fry ate it for a maximum of an hour. If your wards did not cope with the amount of food that they gave them your generous hand, the remains of uneaten food should be removed with a siphon. At the same time, make sure that the siphon does not suck in any fish that may have strayed.

Grown molly fry with pleasure eat live dust, as well as nauplii cyclops, artemia. As they grow, they can be given cut trubichnik, moths. In this case, do not allow the blood of cut moths in the water. Because it is very strong spoils the water.

Teenage fry

As the mollinesia fry grow, you should feed them larger and larger types of food. And do not forget to provide them with a larger living space. After about a month and a half it will be possible to determine the sex of your fry on the anal fin. In females, it is round. In males has the appearance of an elongated gonopodium. At this time you will need another one in the aquarium. After it was possible to determine the sex of the fry should separate the males from the females and keep them separately until sexual maturation. This is approximately six months in mollinesia sphenops. In fry mollinesia velifera about 1 year.

7 – 8 months to be exact, depending on the holding temperature.

Here is such an article about molly fry. I tried to cover the main points that seem to me the most essential. It is quite possible that I have not told about the issues that I take for granted. But for you are of some interest. If there are any, please ask these questions in the comments. I will try to answer them, and the most important aspects that were not covered in the article will be added to it. See you next time.

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