Endler’s guppies

Гуппи Эндлера

Endler’s guppy (dwarf guppies) – this fish has recently begun to appear in the aquariums of amateurs. Endler’s guppy was described and introduced to the world by John Endler, who discovered this fish in one of the lakes in Venezuela. Poecilia wingei is endemic to several bodies of water in Venezuela and is found nowhere else in the world in the wild. However, thanks to the lectures of its discoverer John Endler in aquarium culture, this wonderful fish is probably already widespread all over the world.

Species Description

The systematic position of this species is still a matter of debate among amateurs and even scientists. And although the name Poecilia wingei exists, but there is no unanimity yet. Most likely, this fish belong to micropecilia. But among aquarists more common name – Guppies Endler and most likely so it will remain for this fish, at least in the near future.

They have a number of distinctive features, both in body structure and behavior. These features bring them closer to micropecilia. But the last decisive word in the classification of this fish, of course, for scientists ichthyologists. Maybe, while I went into these lengthy arguments, they have already expressed their strong and unanimous opinion on the systematics of this species. If you know about it – correct me, and I will add the corresponding information to the article.

For the time being, we will operate with the more familiar and nowadays customary name.

From what we will call this fish or rather from the fact that we have not yet quite decided on its name it has not become less attractive.

Key Features

Endler's guppies

First of all, it is the size of the adults. Female dwarf guppies do not exceed four centimeters. Adult males have sizes up to two and a half centimeters. The tails of the males of this species are not voile, transparent with colored marginal rays. Bright orange, red, black tones predominate in the coloration. On the side of the male has a bean-shaped black spot, which can be almost completely discolored under stress and acquire the usual coloration when the environment becomes harmonious again. Females are not as brightly colored and are golden or silvery. Males are slimmer than their girlfriends and have a modified anal fin – gonopodium.

What is the preferred food for guppies Endler’s guppies

Feed this fish better plant food, but most of the vegetable flakes sold in pet stores are too large for them, so before feeding flakes should be additionally crushed. Also suitable for them to eat small crustaceans – daphnia, cyclops. They will not indulge and small moths. Like other representatives of the underwater kingdom dwarf guppies can not be overfed.

The life span of an Endler guppy in an aquarium is two to three years.

Keeping conditions for guppies Endler

Content conditions are not very difficult. These fish do not require a large space and a group of two males and three to four females can be kept even in a three-liter jar. Therefore, the species can be recommended for small aquariums that can decorate small rooms.

Water temperature should be 22 to 24°C. Hardness from 8 to 15°dH. pH from 6.5 to 8, preferably 7, that is neutral. In other words, for the aquarium can use ordinary tap water, tempered for a day in dishes with a wide throat. Every week one third of the water should be replaced with fresh water.

Dwarf guppies prefer water bodies with plenty of plants. It is desirable also plants floating in the water column and on the surface of the water in which newborn fry could hide. Although the parents and do not show aggression to their offspring, but the small fish will feel more comfortable if it has a shelter.

If the Endler’s guppies is contained in a common aquarium, then a dense thicket of plants is simply necessary. In general, from the general aquarium females with signs of imminent childbirth (rounded abdomen, in shape approaching a rectangle, enlarged anal spot) is better to drop off in a specially arranged spawning ground.

Endler's guppies

Endler’s guppies breeding

Reproduction of guppies endler is not difficult. Females are capable of spawning from the age of two months. Eggs are fertilized inside the body of the female and nurtured there for 22 -24 days. After this period, the female hatches from ten to thirty fully formed fry.

If the female can not give birth, labor can be stimulated by adding fresh water, increasing the temperature by 2 – 4 ° C. and planting a male, which after the start of spawning should be removed.

Starter food for fry nauplii Artemia nauplii. For the first two weeks of fry is better to feed three times a day in small portions. Starting from three weeks of age to the fifth sixth week you can switch to two meals a day, gradually transferring the fry to the food usual for adult fish. After the sixth week can be fed once a day. Coloration of males by this time is fully manifested.

Female poecilia wingei, as in other livebearers can bring a litter several times from a single fertilization. Thus, a female that has walked once with a male will bring fry several times with a periodicity of 22-24 days.

Why is a species aquarium desirable?

For ecological reasons, the dwarf guppy is endangered in its native waters. Therefore, all over the world are created communities of aquarists who try to preserve the natural form. And since today it is already difficult to surprise anyone with interspecific crossbreeding of livebearers, and nature needs to preserve the wild species, I recommend that you keep poecilia wingei away from the usual guppies with which they are easily crossed.

It is already quite difficult to find a pure line of wild poecilia wingei. And if you succeed, it is advisable to create a species aquarium for it. Favor, a lot of space for this will not require. You can certainly keep dwarf guppies and in a common aquarium, but with fish not from the same genus. For example, guppies endler can be kept without fear for species purity with spawning fish. Better not very large and peaceful, such as neons and danio rerio. Their conditions are also relatively similar.

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