Aquarium compressor selection and installation secrets


The aquarium compressor is a special device with which the water in the aquarium is oxygenated. This device has another name – aerator. What features has a aerator for the aquarium and what are the basic rules for choosing this device? We will try to answer these questions in our article below.

So, what is an aquarium compressor for and is such a device necessary in an aquarium? An aerator allows the fish to feel comfortable in the water column, receive the necessary amount of oxygen, and also eliminates the risk of bacterial film on the surface of the water.

Помпа совмещенная с фильтром и аэратором

An artificial body of water, such as an aquarium, must be oxygenated. For this purpose, aquarium plants are used, but often they can not give the fish the necessary amount of oxygen. This is why aquarium compressors are used.

The aquarium compressor releases small air bubbles into the water, which rise to the top and contribute to a good mixing of the water in the aquarium. The aquarium compressor thus creates an air elevator, ensuring not only an efficient oxygenation of the water column, but also contributing to an even water temperature throughout the aquarium. Aerator for the aquarium also provides optimal functioning of water aerlift filters, which in the absence of a compressor will not work at all. Aerator – an indispensable and important device to ensure the health and comfort of ornamental fish.

Types of aquarium compressors

Aquarium compressors come in several types: piston or vibrating designs. Electric or self-contained (battery operated). Internal (low power) or external (high noise but high power).

Aquarium compressor Selection

You should choose a aerator for an aquarium according to these criteria:

  • Air flow adjustment, ability to change the strength and speed of air flow from the compressor, ability to adjust the device according to the type of filter and atomizer.
  • Compressor capacity. It is determined according to the volume of the aquarium using the following formula: 0.5 liters/hour per 1 liter of water in the aquarium. If the capacity of the aquarium is large (100 or more liters), it is recommended to purchase a compressor piston, low-voltage. It will be possible to connect it to the car battery in case of power failure.
  • Quietness characteristics are very important when selecting a compressor. Often the aquarium is installed in the bedroom, so the quietness of the compressor in it should be maximized. The optimum option of the compressor for the aquarium will be the air type of the device, which has minimal noise during operation.

Installation of the aquarium compressor

Живописный фонтанчик из восходящих пузырьков

There are certain rules for installing the aerator in the aquarium. It is necessary to designate the place where the compressor will be located. It may be the aquarium itself or an area near it – table, lid. The location of the compressor also varies, it can be an area above the water or in the water column (here we are talking about centrifugal pumps capable of performing the function of an aerator (editor’s note)). The aerator is best placed close to the heater. When the water is heated, it will be mixed immediately, thus creating an optimal microclimate for the fish.

If the aerator in the aquarium makes a lot of noise when running, it should be placed on some soft surface, namely foam or foam. This trick will somewhat reduce the noise level. It should be remembered that the compressor for the aquarium tends to clog, so it requires regular cleaning. If not cleaned, the compressor may fail, and the noise level will increase if the device is heavily contaminated.

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