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The underwater world beckons and mesmerizes with its beauty. For many decades, people have been sinking to the bottom of the sea to enjoy this amazing beauty. But not everyone has the opportunity to engage in diving, and everyone can have a piece of the underwater world at home. To do this, it is enough to visit a pet store and buy an aquarium with fish.

Today, you can buy aquariums of all shapes and sizes. You can also choose the inhabitants of the aquarium from the widest assortment, but the most attractive look Goldfish. There are many types of them: vualektosti, telescope, comet, shubunkin, simple queen of aquarium goldfish, so you can choose for every taste.


Queen of Aquarium Goldfish What kind of aquarium is right for her?

For goldfish, a spacious aquarium of about 20 liters per fish should be chosen. The aquarium should be equipped with an oxygen supply system. The aquarium is better to choose a classic shape – rectangular at which the width and height are approximately equal, and the length is one and a half – twice the width. If the aquarium is not supplied with oxygen, the volume of the aquarium should be doubled from the usual and about a third of the total volume daily change. The difference in water temperature during the change should not be more than two degrees.


It should be remembered that all varieties of goldfish are cold-water and can tolerate zero temperatures when kept in a pond. However, this applies to the closest to the natural forms of varietals such as directly goldfish and koi carp. Other subspecies of goldfish are not so hardy. Although excessively high temperature also does not benefit any of them.

Keeping in excessively warm water will accelerate the aging of the fish. Do not put too many fish in one aquarium. They due to their natural characteristics eat a lot and heavily pollute the aquarium, and this can lead to negative consequences. Such fish can stop growing, become susceptible to disease, they begin to develop abnormalities and many can die.

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Goldfish should not be kept in the same aquarium with other fish species. Such a neighborhood can cost the life of all species. As an exception, you can add peaceful catfish, not inclined to eat fins. You can put in the same aquarium goldfish of different species, they get along well together.

The aquarium for goldfish can be filled and decorated with various decorations: stones,

ceramics, jewelry. Attributes for the aquarium with Goldfish is better to buy without sharp corners, so that the fish accidentally did not hurt and did not spoil the beautiful fins and tail. To bright coloring of the fish did not fade, you need to buy a special lamp in the aquarium.

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The aquarium can be supplemented with lush, bright green algae. The presence of greenery in the aquarium favorably affects the microflora of the aquarium and the health of its inhabitants. Goldfish eat many aquarium plants, so they will have to periodically change them. On the surface, it is desirable to have an area with cassava, which serves as an excellent food for fish.

The aquarium should also be equipped with a water filter, which should work around the clock. It is also recommended to purchase a siphon for the soil. The ground should be cleaned at least once every two weeks.

By caring for Goldfish properly one can enjoy their beauty and splendor indefinitely.

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