Ranchu fish

золотой вариетет

Ranchu fish is a variety of goldfish, bred by breeders in Japan supposedly two hundred to three hundred years ago. In their homeland, it is considered the top of the art of breeders. Therefore, purebred, not hybrid ranchu have a very high price. In the nineteenth century, ranchu was accidentally brought to Russia, where it was more often called maruko.

Ranchu fish description

Ranchu (Rantyu) is remarkable in that it has no dorsal fin. The back is strongly curved upward. The spine closer to the tail part curved downward. Caudal fin short bifurcated, as if formed by two fused fork-shaped tail, from the body comes off at an angle of forty-five degrees up. The pelvic and pectoral fins are also short – no more than half the height of the body. In this case, the fish ranchu should swim smoothly, do not lose balance, have good orientation otherwise it is considered not to be consistent with the breed. The body is short and wide – resembles an egg.


Coloration is quite diverse, but according to Japanese traditions, the most valuable specimens are considered to be those in which the lips, the space near the eyes and gill covers are colored, and the rest of the body is colorless. Expensive coloration – colored head or tail. Also very valuable are individuals with small color spots scattered throughout the body (chintz coloration). The length of the body of an adult fish about 18 centimeters. In aquarium keeping, as a rule, a little less. Outgrowths on the head in purebred ranchu no or expressed very slightly. The American standard allows the presence of growths. Lionhead ranchu – a hybrid obtained by crossing ranchu with oranda.

Aquarium keeping

This breed claims the royal title among goldfish. It requires the same royal content. For ponds, as well as pools at our latitudes, it is not suitable. It can be contained only in aquariums. Ranchu is a gentle, heat-loving creature. Breeders have long tried to accustom it to the lack of oxygen in the water, while achieving some success. But I would not experiment too much. Aquarium for ranchu desirable to arrange observing even greater precautions than for other breeds of goldfish. After all, a quick glance is enough to determine how far it is away from the natural form. And therefore, more vulnerable.

The recommended temperature is 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. Although short-term temperature fluctuations of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius are possible. Water hardness 15-25°dH. pH 7-8. As a soil it is better to use gray river coarse sand. Of plants can be used vallisneria, cattail, elodea. Plant plants better along the back and side walls, leaving in front of the place for swimming. Every week it is mandatory to change one third of the water. You also need filters and aeration.

рыбка ранчу

Ranchu fish, as well as most short-bodied breeds of goldfish are prone to swim bladder disease, as well as digestive problems. Therefore, it is desirable fresh feed with mandatory vegetable additives. It is better to feed in small portions.

No more than one pair can be kept in a one-hundred-meter aquarium. Ventilation and water filtration is desirable. Otherwise, the content is like a goldfish, only with more diligence.

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