How to feed aquarium fish properly

Как правильно кормить аквариумных рыбок

How to properly feed aquarium fish? The question is far from idle. Despite the fact that this topic is constantly raised on various forums, as well as fully enough covered on the pages of various sites this question always remains in the first place.

Why is that? Well, probably, because the living nature is diverse in everything. Therefore, it is simply impossible to write precise instructions on its use point by point. Also it does not obey the laws and regulations written by people. But there are some regularities, observing, systematizing and applying which you can learn to live with nature in harmony. Even several individuals of the same species can have peculiarities of behavior and food preferences, including, which it would seem difficult to expect from them. But, despite the fact that one of my vualekhvosts, for some reason, addicted to trubichnik, and the other food takes quite reluctantly, yet this fish belongs to the omnivorous species, which and moth likes to dabble and grass with pleasure to nibble.

What do I want to say? Only that on the question “How to properly feed aquarium fish?” often you can give the correct and adequate answer yourself, showing some observation. To be fair, it should be noted the need to know, as well as understanding the general patterns, rules, as well as recommendations formulated by your predecessors aquarists and ichthyologists.

I will allow myself to remind you of these few simple rules to remember and follow.

Feed should be appropriate to the physiology of the particular fish species.

Feed aquarium fish according to their preferences

All aquarium fish can be categorized into:

Herbivores – eating mainly plant food. An example is the pecilia.

Carnivores are predators. Now in aquariums appear more and more often fish that do not mind to snack not only worm or insect larvae, but also small fish. (We will not touch here on the moral side of the issue of placing such species in the aquariums of kindergartens. Although so want to spread the thought on the tree. Well, maybe some other time).

Omnivorous – ready to dance a waltz for a few pieces of moths, but also in vegetable supplements have a strong need.

Feed aquarium fish according to their size

It is necessary to provide the living creature with a food base appropriate to its size as well as its age. This should be simple and straightforward.

Small fish, such as neon are not able to swallow large moths, so for them you need to stock up on small moths, crustaceans or grind food for it to an acceptable size.

Fry of all aquarium fish need food that has small, and sometimes even microscopic size. So, for example, the fry of many spawning fish can not be fed without infusoria or nauplii Artemia. Only as the juveniles grow, they can be transferred to larger food appropriate to the species.

The frequency of feeding is also of great importance. It depends to some extent on what the fish feeds in natural conditions. Already mentioned pecilia can constantly pinch algae and it is not gluttony. To this it is obliged by its anatomical structure, formed over millions of years of evolution. The fact that it has a stomach is very weakly expressed, but it has a well-developed intestine, adapted to digest plant food.

The lack of a large stomach, a reservoir for ingested food, makes it necessary to have a constant supply of food. Most predatory fish, however, do not have the opportunity to constantly absorb a new portion of treats, have a large enough stomach, which can accommodate a significant portion of food at one time. Sometimes this food is enough for the fish for several days. This is also one of the options for adaptation to life in the wild. When hungry, you have to hunt. Hunting is not always successful, so it is better to fail in the hunt will endure the creature that can “stockpile” food that is enough until the hunter again smiles luck.

Overeating is no better than malnutrition

Нельзя перекармливать ваших питомцев. Даже если они жалобно смотрят вам в глаза усиленно тыкая мордами в кормушку. Такое поведение не более чем рефлекс на приближение человека, которое у ваших подопечных прочно увязалось с получением комплексного обеда. Необходимо помнить, что чрезмерная щедрость хозяина в условиях гиподинамии из-за небольших размеров комнатного озера неизбежно приведет к ожирению и преждевременной гибели рыбок. Общие рекомендации примерно такие.

так и приручить можно

Feed the fish once or twice a day. The number of feedings per day and the interval between them sometimes have to be adjusted for a particular species. The same pecilia eats once – from morning to evening. And some predators need to feed once every few days. Therefore, going to start any kind of fish first try to learn about the features of its content as much as possible and in particular what and how often it should be fed. It is desirable to feed in the morning and evening, but not immediately before going to bed, but about two to three hours. During the evening feeding is very convenient to observe the fish to determine if any of them are not sick. And maybe it’s time to drop off in the spawning ground, any livebearer.

Food should be given in such quantity that it should be eaten in five, maximum ten minutes. The exception may be live crustaceans, but these should be eaten in no more than twenty to thirty minutes.

Leftover feed should be removed

If, however, after this time is still after eating food, it should be removed from the aquarium, for example, with a siphon or net. And for the next feeding measure a smaller portion, which will be eaten without residue in the time allotted for the meal.

Once a week, have a rest day. This will force hungry fish to pick up any uneaten food particles that you have failed to remove. Your pets will do a much better job than you.

такие приспособления облегчат вам жизнь

Our answer to the question “How to feed aquarium fish correctly?” would not be complete if we did not mention the need to diversify the menu. Food should be full and varied. Would you like it if you were fed only buckwheat porridge from day to day. This product is certainly useful and tasty, but it also gets bored. In addition, not one product does not have a full range of substances necessary for a living organism for full development. Therefore, if possible, you should try to alternate between different types of food.

Dry food

Should I use dry feed? Yes, they can and should be used, especially in winter when live feed is limited. You should not feed dry food exclusively. It’s canned food. Would you want to feed canned food alone? I think not. Dry feed should be kept in reserve in case of difficulties with live or raw feed. But you should keep in mind that they also have a limited shelf life. During the winter, these canned foods can be alternated with other types of food. In summer it is better to try to get or buy live feed.

By following these simple rules and watching your pets, you will be able to answer the question “What is the right way to feed aquarium fish?”. Well, if not, then ask questions in the comments. We will answer for sure. And supplement the article with the missing information.

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