Afiosemion Gabon Boema

Афиосемион габонский Боэма

Afiosemion Gabon Boema is one of three subspecies of Gabonese aphiosemions. Inhabit these species in the rivers of the forests of western Gabon. These fish are also worthy representatives of their genus, both in beauty, and the peculiarities of keeping and breeding.

Boehm’s males reach a length of 5 centimeters. Females are somewhat smaller. The back of males has a brownish tint. The sides are colored in yellow-green color on which red dots are scattered in a staggered order. The anal fin has a yellowish tint with red speckles and black edging below. Dorsal fin is similar in coloration to the anal fin, but has not black edging on top, but red. Tail lyre-shaped asymmetrical painted with red dots and stripes. The body of the male has an arc-shaped bend. The coloration of females is less ornate. Her fins are transparent. coloration is predominantly brown.

For these fish, it is best to organize a species aquarium. For this purpose, a tank of about 20 liters will be suitable. The water should be very soft – 1.2 º. pH – 7.2. The temperature is 22 ºC.

Gabon aphiosemions are quite fearful creatures. Therefore, it is desirable to provide them with shelter where they could hide in case of danger. To do this, you need in the back corners of the aquarium to arrange a small thicket of plants that will suit the conditions of content. Of the most common can be tried vallisneria, javan moss, pistole.

Afiosemion Gabon Boema Breeding

A container of three to ten liters is prepared for breeding. Peat is placed at the bottom. Water should be soft, slightly acidic. Its temperature is gradually raised to 24-26 ºC.

For spawning it is better to put one male and several females. Fecundity, like other aphiosemions in this species is small. But the eggs do not require a dry period for their development. At a temperature of 26 ºC eggs develop for about 10 days. In the first days, the fry should be fed infusoria. As they grow, you can switch to microworms or nauplii of cyclops or Artemia salina.

The fry grow slowly. By one month of age, they reach a size of no more than one centimeter. When the fry are two months old, males acquire a yellowish coloration. Sexual maturity is reached at about 14 -16 weeks. And the size of adult fish can reach only after six months.

As you can see, Gabonese Afiosemion Boema is also a fish quite difficult both for keeping and breeding. However, those who will not spare the effort and time is waiting for the reward – an aquarium with magnificent fish to contain which is not everyone.

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