Aphyosemion wachter’s

афиосемион уочтерса

Aphyosemion wachter’s is another colorful representative of the genus Aphiosemion. This small fish deserves attention due to the relatively easy breeding. Its spawning takes place without diapause characteristic of most other representatives of the genus.

The species lives in tropical forests in the waters of the Lesala River, a tributary system of the Ogowe River. Living under the roof of the rainforest in which rivers almost never dry up has spared this species from the need to adapt to drought. Therefore, for the development of eggs of these fish there is no need to stop vital activity for the period of unfavorable weather conditions.

The size of this fish is small. males reach a size of three to four centimeters. Females are usually a little shallower. The back of males has a brownish tint on the sides of the bottom of the body has a yellowish color, the abdomen is colored beige. The flanks have a blue-green cast. Just above the midline, the body is colored with carmine-red mottling, creating a pattern characteristic of aphiosemions on the head. Closer to the tail red dashes and dots merge into a solid line. anal and caudal fins as if divided into two parts of a continuous horizontal red line under which these fins are colored yellow, and above it fins have a turquoise tint. The coloration of females is characterized by the predominance of brown shades. They, like most species have a less variegated outfit, but they are also not without charm.

Aphyosemion wachter’s maintenance conditions

To keep a pair of these fish will be sufficient aquarium from 3 liters. More attention should be paid to the water for keeping A. wachters. First, it is the acidity of the water. Since the natural habitat of this species is a tropical forest, the aquatic environment is rich in organic sediments and as a rule more acidic than preferred usually aquarium fish. The pH should be kept at 5.5.

The temperature is also a little lower than usually recommended for the aquarium. In natural conditions, the temperature in the habitats of Afiosemion Wachtersa sometimes drops to 17 degrees Celsius. of course, freeze them should not, but do not warm excessively too. It is better to maintain the temperature in a container with this species about 20 degrees Celsius.

Additional aeration and filtration is possible, but not necessary.

Since the fish is river, it is better that the aquarium was a small water current. it can be arranged as with the aquarium pump, and with the help of a compressor.

Feed Aphyosemion wachter’s can be live small food such as small moths, cut tubeworms and earthworms, Artemia nauplii. Perhaps they will taste something from dry or frozen food, but here you need to experiment.


Spawning can be provoked by a slight increase in pH by 0.5 – 1, but it should be done gradually, as well as a slight increase in water temperature by 1 – 2 ºC.

As indicated earlier, the laid eggs develop without diapause. Its development lasts about two weeks.

Fry should start feeding infusoria. after about 3-5 days you can give small portions of Artemia nauplii.

In general, the breeding of aphiosemions is a troublesome and little-studied matter. So if you have a successful experience in this case we will be glad if you share it with the readers of our site.

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