Aphiosemion Lambert

афиосемион ламберта

Aphiosemion Lambert is another member of the genus Aphiosemion. This species is small in size and does not need a large aquarium. For its reproduction does not need to create diapause for eggs. and yet this fish is difficult to call easy to keep. however, about everything in order.

Aphiosemions of the group to which Lambert’s A. belong inhabit central Africa from Cameroon in the north to Zaire in the south.

Lambert’s aphiosemion itself lives in Gabon, specifically in the southeastern part of Gabon. This fish is not a big one.

Species Description

Males reach 5 centimeters in length, females about four.

The predominant coloration is brownish green. At the back is darker, as you approach the abdomen is lighter. Nevertheless, in the reflected rays of light as most other aphyosemion this fish shimmers with different shades of blue color from turquoise to purple. Throughout the body scattered mottling of red dashes and dots. Along the back of these elements form a continuous line. Females look somewhat more modest than their mates, but are also full of charm.

Lambert’s species is peaceful and no cannibalism has been noticed. Male fights prefer peaceful coexistence, which may indicate the beginnings of reason :-). Well, seriously, the fish is really very peaceful and beautiful. For its content can be organized as a species aquarium, and in a common aquarium with other carpozubymi it is very well coexist.

But. Lambert’s Aphiosemion is very picky about food. Moths do not show him at all, trubichnik he also does not excite appetite. Live daphnia. well, maybe it would be possible if she herself in the mouth climbed, and then chase after it is not a royal matter … dry food. Oh, what am I talking about? He looks at live daphnia with contempt, and this is canned food. It’s a mockery.

What’s my point? And to the fact that in the wild he feeds on small aquatic insects and their faces or insects that fell on the surface of the water, for example, ants that happened to fall off the grass on which he took a sunbath. It is extremely difficult to accustom Lambert’s aphiosemion, caught from a natural water body to food easily available in our country. Catch local small insects for him? Well, it is quite a viable option. What you can not do for your favorite. But this is possible in summer. And in winter, what do you do? Breed mosquitoes at home? I don’t think your other family members would like that.

Aphiosemion Lambert Feeding

There is really one loophole for those who by all means want to get this fish. The fact that the fry obtained in artificial conditions fed first paramecia, and then they are transferred to nauplii Artemia. Most likely grown behind the glass aquarium individuals will be more adapted to the types of food that are relatively available in our latitudes at any time of the year. True about dry food is probably not a question. Although if any of our readers have other observations and experience of feeding Lambert’s, for example, potatoes, we will be grateful if they report about it.

Breeding A. lambertus is relatively easy. For spawning tank suitable vessel from three to five liters. The bottom of the vessel should be lined with fibrous peat. Water should be very soft and slightly acidic. After placing in the spawning tank producers gradually increase the temperature to 24 -26 ºC.

One male and several females can be placed for spawning. One female lays only a few eggs per day. Spawning lasts about a week. After that it is better to remove the producers from the spawning ground. At a temperature of 26 Shoshshchz the eggs mature for about two to three weeks. After that, there are fry with a large yolk sac, which resorbs after about a day. By this time you should already have a stock of infusoria, which and feed the fry the first few days. then they should be offered nauplii artemia. And do not forget that spawning in these fish is stretched in time, so the maturation of eggs and the appearance of fry will also not be instantaneous.

The fry grow slowly. By one month of age, they reach one centimeter in length. They acquire coloration by three months of age. Sexual maturity is reached at about eight months. Life expectancy is 2 – 2.5 years.

Now, that’s a tough fish, Lambert’s aphiosemion. It can not recommend it to beginners. Content and even more breeding of such fish – it is the domain of real fans of aquaristics.

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