How to change the water in the aquarium: a few basic rules

Как менять воду в аквариуме: несколько основных правил

Change the water in your aquarium is a tedious task. A few simple rules can make the job easier.

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the beauty of a home aquarium! The smooth movement of fish of different colors perfectly soothes the nervous system. But for a comfortable existence of these beautiful creatures need proper care. So let’s talk in more detail about water change in the aquarium.

How to properly change the water in the aquarium?

Remember that changing the water in the aquarium is a prerequisite for proper maintenance. If the water is not changed regularly, the habitat of the fish is saturated with harmful decay products, which in turn affects the health of the little inhabitants of the aquarium.

First of all, you should pay attention to the amount of water to be poured. Во время жизни аквариумных рыбок в воде создается определенная микрофлора, которая благоприятна для их существования. Поэтому важно помнить следующее правило: Воду в аквариуме полностью меняют редко. Только в случае цветения воды или в случае загрязнения вредными микроорганизмами. В остальных ситуациях воду в аквариуме следует менять раз в неделю. При этом заменяется 10-20% от общего объема жидкости.

The second important rule. Before pouring water into the aquarium, it is necessary to make its sedimentation.Tap water is filled into a special container and allowed to stand for 3-4 days. This helps unnecessary chemical elements evaporate or settle to the bottom of the water container. In this case, the question arises, how to change the water in a large aquarium? After all, the volume of water that needs to be settled is very large. One option for solving this problem is to buy a large construction tank (50-100 liters – depending on the volume of your aquarium). Other ways include freezing the water or buying it from specialized stores. In this way, you ensure comfortable living conditions for your aquarium inhabitants.

In a saltwater aquarium

The procedure for changing the water in a saltwater aquarium is different from the freshwater version. How to change the water in a saltwater aquarium? In this case, you need to use distilled water with the addition of special salt, which you can buy in pet stores.

And of course, before you fill any aquarium with water, you need to pump out some of it – you can use a tube or pump for this.

Before any water change, you need to worry about the cleanliness of your fish habitat. Do not forget to wipe the walls of the aquarium. Clean the filter, take care of the plants. And only then fill the aquarium with water.

Thus, knowing how to properly change the water in the aquarium. By keeping regularity and following the basic rules, you will be able to provide aquarium inhabitants comfortable conditions. And they, in turn, will delight you with their beauty for a long time.

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